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Friday, May 1, 2015

WIth No Disrespect my new Hero/Heroine has "BALLS"

Today, States Attorney Marilyn Mosby,
began to put justice back into Baltimore.
Tough times ahead for her.
Let's pray she's kept safe.
She needs to have Federal bodyguards.
She's going along way this smart young LADY.
I see her ending up in Washington.
Way high up .........


Anonymous said...

She can be Hillary's partner. They both have balls. What would be the reason for " federal" bodyguards? Besides regular body guards? Thanks CD

Anonymous said...

May she be blessed and protected always.... hope people keep her in their prayers while she fights on behalf of truth ♡

Anonymous said...


T. W. said...

The city of Baltimore and the state of Maryland cannot keep the peace so the feds need to step in. Ihave friends there and they say it is in the area with the projects. They need our prayers.

T. W. said...

Maybe she will be the next attorney general or secretary of state. Good for her.

Maureen said...

Was reading the Washington Post and she comes from a family of cops. She's so right that bad cops only make things worse for for the good ones. The police Omerta code must have been a difficult thing to deal with th h and I am sure veile threats have been issued along with more obvious ones. I hope she's not a target. I do think however that much evidence will be "accidentally" destroyed and witnesses intimidated. May justice be served in this case.