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Saturday, May 30, 2015

X,Y ...... graveyard .....

Never mind her Dad transitioning into a Lady.
After all it's only the "Y",
 that stops a Lad from being one.
He needs to step in to show,
 his daughter Kylie Jenner how to act like one.
Before it's way too late ....


T. W. said...

The whores learned from their mom.

Anonymous said...

You did mention CD that one of them would end up in the clinky- but now this .. and the word graveyard….

Anonymous said...

So, are you referring to drugs and partying leading to overdosing? I can't imagine what would lead such a young girl to death. It didn't do Lindsay in....yet anyway and she's been goin' strong for years in and out of rehad. Now there does seem to be a car-accident theme with this Jenner/Kardashian crew, more on the Jenner side though...

jane uk said...

rob of childhood

Anonymous said...

Yes, if Lindsay Lohan can survive her mess of a life, I think Kylie can. But, Seer, you are usually spot on! Now off with Sepp Blatters head!

NicQuerica said...

In that case she's leading them all straight down to hell.

Formula For Fabulous said...

I wonder what the future brings for this family as a whole and Kylie. I wonder if she's pregnant because Kendall tweeted but quickly deleted a photo of a pregnancy test and a caption to Tyga (Kylie's current rumored 25 year old boyfriend) Congrats. I think Bruce needs to worry less about transitioning and more about his 17 year old daughter. Apparently she has dropped out of school too.