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Monday, June 22, 2015

It's all Greek to me !!!

Oh Dear.....
So Greece is lovely.
But, this week, even the old Greek Playwrights.
Couldn't dream up what is about to unfold.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place. I hope the escaped convicts didn't end up there!

T. W. said...

Something to do with the debt crisis?

Anonymous said...

Hope Kardashians don't go there

Anonymous said...

Oh my this isn't going to be good. CD I have a question there's this new guy at my work and he was hired a few weeks ago,"G" I won't give out his name but we got into a small agruement last week because our manager was talking about an incident that happened at another location where a customer got locked inside the store after hours and it caused them such anxiety that they had to be wheeled out on a stretcher, and he said that was such nonsense, and the cracks started to appear. He wrote down on the white board to give him more hours and I'm getting less hours than he is. I can't stand him. Is he going to let go soon?

Anonymous said...

What do you see for me?

Chip said...

GREECE is about to be SAVED CD? Oh wow! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Cd do you ever seen me in committed relationship? It seems like I am an old maid?

Anonymous said...

You rock, CD!

Maureen said...

Looks like Greece can have a deal shortly. Nothing like last minute brinkmanship, eh?

Christian Dion said...

Deal or No deal it's still going to crash just delaying the outcome CD

T. W. said...

The powers that be want a universal currency.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that CD means that this drama has still more twists and turns than "Days of our Lives" ...and it ain't over until the "fat lady sings"...and there's actually two of them one 's in Berlin and the other (very slender lady) is at the IMF.

T. W. said...

I LOVE Days of Our Lives!

Anonymous said...

Just give the Germans the Island of Crete and have done with it. Greece owned by Germany.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell! Looks like you are right again. I am reading headlines that Greece is closing banks (or right on the verge of it) and closing their stock market tomorrow amid fears of default. This has always been a bad situation but do you think that they will default the eurozone soon? When and if they do...and I am beginning to think it is a matter of time...then all hell is going to break loose with all economies. Let's hope the world leaders can hold it together as long as possible.