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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

More wrong directions ...

So it seems that One Direction's,
 Louis Tomlinson & Lauren Jauregui,
from Fifth Harmony.
Are dating if you believe this pic.
Really ?
Just look at the body language.
Any who.
It's yet another misdirection.


T. W. said...

It seems like a joke to Louis.

Anonymous said...

I really wouldn't want Fifth Harmony to get involved in all of One Direction's mess that they have going on. I hope Lauren was just catching a ride back to her hotel.

Anonymous said...

5H is on the rise.

Tony said...

Hi CD. What's your thoughts on Little Mix?

Anonymous said...

They're going to need all the attention since they're nobodies.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Fifth Harminy?

Anonymous said...

Fifth Harmony currently have a #17 charting hit on the Billboard Hot 100. To call them nobodies at this stage would be so ludicrous and Idiotic. lol

Looks like CD was right when he said 2015 was gonna be a good year for them.

Anonymous said...

Nobodies? They have a top 20 single with "Worth It" which is #17 on Billboard Hot 100 right now and their debut album charted in the top 5 of Billboard 200. They have 4 Gold singles with "Worth It" heading to Platinum status. Also, if they were nobodies I don't think a billion dollar corporation like Hershey's would have 5H's song in their new commercial. I think Fifth Harmony is doing great, especially seeing as they're a girl group and people constantly try to tear them down.

Anonymous said...

Hi CD , is Louis really dating Harry Styles ? They are so perfect for each other...

Anonymous said...

CD, Will rob's happiness come soon?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how much longer Harry and Louis can keep hiding. Their energy lowers considerably when they're apart.