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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pop Star & a Baller ?

So even though Iggy Azaleas' career as a Pop Star.

Is going down the toilet.

 She has just got engaged to Nick Young.

 The LA Laker popped the question,

 with a $500k ring..........

Hope he got a receipt.


T. W. said...

I have heard big diamonds bring bad luck.

Anonymous said...

Is this just for the publicity?

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian,
Would you please share your thoughts on Louis CK the comedian ?... I've been hearing he's a pervert, who's accosted many women over a long stretch of time ; people know about it in the industry and they are protecting him - hiding the truth knowingly, also horribly threatening any women who say anything about the events. Very curious if you think he will get his cover blown and be made accountable for his gross & inappropriate actions... thank you !

Anonymous said...

Speaking of marriages what about the hot mess of a marriage between Ben Affleck and Jennifer.

Anonymous said...

Yes Christian can you tell us about Ben affleck/ Jen Gardner pretty please?