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Saturday, June 13, 2015

This is getting to be a habit ...

Here we go again.
Ryan Seacrest, has yet another GF.
This one is an Ex Miss Teen America.
Her name is Hilary Cruz.
She's another one that wont see a Xmas pressie.


Anonymous said...

Is he running astray?
Maybe he should be looking in the male section?
You`re aloud beeing in Your "true path" these days. ( why does IT have to be labeled anyway?....)

T. W. said...

Live your truth Ryan!

Anonymous said...

Hi CD, please predict about Leo Dicaprio's love life. Also, matthew mcconaughey and cameron diaz. Please

Danesha Holmes said...

Will he ever marry??

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination that the girls are getting younger? Or, is it just that Ryan is getting older, and the girls stay the same?

Anonymous said...

Just seen Jurassic World!!! Chris Pratt is a phenomenal actor. Very convincing and funny ;) xoxo. By the way tickets were sold out. So waited in line for an hour. There were 3 different lines well worth it! :D !!!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, but I have always believed that Ryan was in a 'glass closet' of sorts. There is nothing wrong with being gay or bisexual but I just don't buy that he is straight. I think these string of girlfriends are just his side-show for the public. Love and appreciate all of your daily predictions!