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Friday, June 19, 2015

This won't be popular .....

When America going to wake up about guns.
Re the latest massacre.
Why do parents buy such weapons of destruction.
For there clearly deranged children.


Anonymous said...

I know he's an adult but I still think his parents should be held accountable.

T. W. said...

Who needs an assault weapon to hunt or defend oneself?

Anonymous said...

Earth is a very strange place.

Anonymous said...

Hearing about this truly honestly makes me sad :( Hey CD you were right again about Ben and Jen's marriage, it's slowly going down.

Anonymous said...

So many parents are in denial about the mental health of their children. Just read his roommate said he planned this for six months. I wonder why the roommate didn't report it to the authorities? OMG.

Anonymous said...

Banning guns wont stop the problem. If it's not a gun then a knife, car, bomb, whatever..what are you going to do? Ban everything that can potentially hurt anyone? Addressing and focusing on mental health is the key. Letting them take away our guns infringes on our constitution. They are already creating laws where your religious freedom means nothing anymore either and all children must be vacinated. But it's for our own good right? More and more of our rights are being taken away "for our own" good. So I'm sorry but we have to put our foot down sometime. Guns don't kill people, people do!

Christian Dion said...

And what about the rights of those dead people at the church CD

Anonymous said...

But guns make it easier to hurt/kill people. Just because you might want your kid unvaccinated, doesn't mean you should put everyone else at risk. Get out of here with your bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I agree with CD, living in Texas and seeing how the Gov passed an open carry law for guns… but will not ban texting and driving…... What's this world coming to??? The NRA has too much control over our politicians…..

Anonymous said...

Annoymous 9:45 Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so why don't you get out of here and go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Safer world with less access to guns- it is simple.

Anonymous said...

Are you stupid? It was my opinion. Read before you type :)

Anonymous said...

No I'm not stupid at all thank you very much.

Maria said...

We should be a different country but as John Stewart reminded us (as if we needed a reminder) we won't change. It our national disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Guns don't kill people, people do!-- NRA mantra!! Ridiculous. People use the guns to kill People. People should not be mourning loss of life like this. Guns need to be kept out of these murderers hands. Twenty kids killed and this bullshit continues.

Anonymous said...

Fact: Guns are part of rural America culture, and this isn't going away soon. Country is different than city.

I do believe that gun laws will pass though as more people become urbanized, but this won't be for a long time. It's too ingrained in Rural America.

jeffrey clancy said...

Easy access to guns.that's America's problem. Plain and simple.I'm australian and am glad john Howard made it extremely difficult to own guns after martin Bryant's massacre in Tasmania. We have not had a mass shooting since the buy back. To own a gun now u need to have no criminal record 'keep them under lock at all times.and keep the keys hidden.u can not tell anyone where the keys are. Including your spouse. The police can and do random checks if u own guns. If there not locked away with the key hidden your in serious trouble and they will destroy your guns and take away ur licence. To transport or use your firearm u must tell police beforehand. Simple smart and it worked. Why does it work.? Humans are emotional. Everyone at some point gets pissed off at something. I've been extremely pissed off at people before and in that instant if I'd had easy access to a gun I surely would have used it in a fit of rage. Just like 99 percent of humans. But we don't have ready access to guns. America does. That's it in a nutshell. Guns gone - lives saved. Guns in Walmart - mass shootings. Wake up america