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Thursday, June 18, 2015

TOLD YA....split ...

Monday, June 1, 2015

Maybe it's just me .......

Every time I see a pic of actor Sean Penn.
I get this really dark feeling.
that he's totally untrustable.
But beyond that.
It feels as though he's dabbling with the darkside.
Troubled times ahead for him, as well as his "relationship"


T. W. said...

Who would want Madonna's leftovers.

Anonymous said...

Probably a temporary split

Maureen said...

He probably has been acting up and she got scared for her child. He's not a happy guy and leopards don't change their spots. Although I've heard she's a piece of work as well. I don't see them back together. I'm surprised it lasted this long. They probably had a contract and their time was up. Call me cynical.

Anonymous said...

Hey mr. Dion, It has been released all over the media that Rob and twigs called off the "wedding" is this the beginning of the end now?

Anonymous said...

I see this too. What does it mean CD?

Maria said...

WTH happened?? Clearly, Charlize saw or found out something very dark too. They're saying she's iced him out. Wow. They were friends!

Anonymous said...

CD, First time poster. :) Your colleague, psychic Bella Angelina has posted a YouTube video saying Rob will be dead soon. Is this true? Senior Robsten Advisor imTulip has said on Twitter that Rob was fired from his latest movie Brimstone. What can we do to help him? We don't want to see him hurt. Psychic Bella Angelina also did a 40 minute YouTube tarot card reading saying we should stop Twigs. Please advise.

Christian Dion said...

#1 Shes not my colleague no clue who she is.
#2 He's not dying
#3 I was the first to say he should be rid of the gold digging bitch

Anonymous said...

But do you think he'll go through the fake wedding or they will end this "joke" before that?As you said she's a gold digging bitch, what if she convince him to go all the way?He's loosing fans so fast just as fast as he's loosing his movies since she came into his life! I just want him out of this mess like now or better yesterday! Thank you beforehand!

Anonymous said...

Yes CD please answer! Will the fake wedding happen or will this be over soon? Please please please answer ...say it ends soon

Anonymous said...

CD told me she wasn't going to be around for much longer you guys so don't worry ;) I asked about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh really? Thank goodness. Thank you so much for sharing :) he didn't give specific timing?

Anonymous said...

But he said they will drag this joke till the end of the year or did that change? Also he lost Brimstone and Dior,it's not going him any good to be with her! Maybe she's gaining but he's only loosing! I don't know why he's doing it! Even for all the money of the world it's not worthy!

Anonymous said...

I think he just meant that it seems to be dragging till the end of the year. I could be wrong but that's how I took it. CD would never confirm if that's what it meant though so idk.

Anonymous said...

Just whenever we think the bitch is gone she reappears and Robs life takes the downhill once again! She's the bad luck personified! Also "till the end of the year" whenever that is,I mean it could be Sept,Oct,Nov or Dec can't come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome annoynmous @ 1:44 am No he didn't give me a specific timing or anything, but he said she wouldn't be around for much longer.

Anonymous said...

He just filmed something for Dior in June. He hasn't been dropped from that. The Brimstone movie (I heard) was a clusterfuck. Doesn't seem to be good anyway.

This Twigs thing can't be over fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Those jobs weren't worthy of him anyway. Any movie with Dakota Fanning is an upcoming Bomb. Good for him to get let go or leave. Those projects were no good for him anyway. He can do so much better!