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Friday, July 3, 2015

A Lass, Ye Talentless Pratt ...

As so called funnyman/actor Russell Brand.
Finds his popularity plunge.
He may think its come to a halt.
Oh, No...
There's way bigger drops to come.
Couldn't happen to a nicer person.
Just wait for the lawsuits,
 from his onenight stands start to pile up.


T. W. said...

Oh wow!

Christian, you see all kinds of things. I know it can be difficult at times. I have prayed for your protection. God bless you always.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christian! I have always felt that this guy is a fraud. I think he's being paid to misinform and confuse the public with his "Revolution" truth movement.. There's definitely an agenda behind what he's doing.

Anonymous said...

No he isn't being "paid" to misinform or confuse. Don't be so paranoid. I don't know about this....I think Russel has made some very good points about a lot of things. I don't doubt his ego is out of whack though. That seems to be a Hollywood disease that he is suffering from along with many others. The thing with Katy Perry...I kind of thought that was lame on his part. He sure started cheating quickly enough. It isn't like he didn't know she had her own career. Smh.

Anonymous said...

^response to Anonymous

How would you know that he isn't being paid to misinform the masses? You can't know that for sure unless you know him personally.. which I very much doubt. I wrote that I THINK he's being paid. There's a difference.