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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All Hail the Baby Fart ......

So now we know that,
 Donald "BABYFART" Trump.
Never asks the guy upstairs for forgiveness.
Of course not he talks to the guy in the basement.
Also he attacked McCain.
Well, surprise, surprise NOT.......
If you think you have heard the worse.
Oh No.......
Much more to come.
I'm happy to say.
He's not going anywhere soon.


Anonymous said...

Making politics a sham and he can't get far he has too many financial issues that would need to come out. Plus he's making the elections fun and making it easy for the Democrats to win.

Patrick Ganley said...

Will Donald's antics hurt the Republican Party in 2016?

T. W. said...

Yes. We are laughing at him and not taking anything he says seriously. Is he being put up to do this?

Christian Dion said...

Thankfully yes Hilary's secret weapon CD

Anonymous said...

No one in business can possibly take him seriously. A billionaire how? Multiple bankruptcies! But he is caught up lala land he does believe he has a chance that dream could be real. What an ego and a clown.

Maria said...

How many more feet can he stick inside his mouth? It's astonishing.

Anonymous said...

WHAT ELSE? I kind of hope he makes it to the primary debates so I can watch him make a fool of himself, but then I want him to go away.

Anonymous said...

Annoyed because you want Clinton versus bush again? US democracy is a sham!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about our democracy. U.S.A USA lol

Anonymous said...

I asked what else he could do. He gave another awful speech today. When does he go away?