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Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Pratt's are back ..

After living in a cave for not long enough.
Heidi & Spencer Pratt.
Are to return to a TV screen near you.
With another reality Show.
But not to worry.
If it gets to that TV screen.
It'll be cancelled after the first showing.


Anonymous said...

Good! No talent, stay in the cave.

Anonymous said...

I really thought they'd be divorce by now.

T. W. said...

They need the money.

Anonymous said...

How do they survive

Anonymous said...

She actually look better before the plastic surgery she didn't need it. Now I'm not against it to each their own. I remember an episode of her mom making fun of her because she couldn't move her face. Her mom was genuinely laughing. I don't think her mom was trying to be a bully she just didn't understand why her daughter needed it. She probably turned that frustration or concern into laughter.

Anonymous said...

Can they take the Kardashians with them?

Anonymous said...

They must be on aid...how do the manage without work