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Monday, July 27, 2015

TOLD YA, 35 and counting ...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Only the first layer off the onion

I do hope that Bill Cosby and his team, 
don't believe that all this trouble,
 is going to go away.
There's alot more to come and this time,
 it will bring him down.
May take a while.
But he's on the edge of the abyss....


Anonymous said...

If they are as hurt as they say they are, they wouldn't be posing for the cameras. Honestly, i don't believe a lot of them. Probably camera hungry.

Anonymous said...

Ok I know it's true,but what about others high profile names like Woody Allen,when the truth about him comes out?His daughter had published an open letter in NYT.

T. W. said...

I'm tired of these perverts getting away with hurting people.

Anonymous said...

WOW !.... that cover is soooo powerful !!! Awesome job New York Magazine ! .... Very well done !

Maria said...

Going to get worse? Bill Cosby going down?

I'm looking forward to it. Not for pleasure but for justice.

Maria said...

You are disgusting, anonymous (What a shocker! No name). You really are a part of the problem in this country. You're ignorant and small-minded and probably wouldn't do a damn thing to protect someone being harmed right under your nose. The evidence is clear and overwhelming. Idiot!

Anonymous said...

What kind of a person gets their kicks from drugging, raping and humiliating another human being? Bill Cosby is sick and thinks he did nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

So sorry that these women weren't believed for so many years. I hope the unveiling of the monster will aid them in their recovery.

Good thoughts to all of the women and heartfelt prayers.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Cosby will kill himself or flee the country before the deposition.