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TOLD YA.... the "Mocking" begins ....

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

# 2 ... ??

On July 11th 1960.
Harper Lee, published her first novel 
"To Kill A Mockingbird".
(In fact her second)
Well, after a little wait of 55 years.
On July 14th 2015.
She will publish, her second novel.
"Go Set A Watchman"
(In fact her first)
Just watch (Pun intended) the sales,
 of this go through the roof.
But you aren't going to like the twist !!!


Anonymous said…
WOW! Did you nail this one! I don't even want to read this new book even though I loved Mockingbird. Why destroy one of literature's favorite characters?
Anonymous said…
There is also enough written by Harper Lee for a third book, that would fit in a trilogy between the second and first published books.

Happy to see Ms. Lee get the attention and love she deserves!
T. W. said…
Never read Mockingbird or saw the movie. I heard one of the characters is racist. I do not want to read about something negative I experience here in the south. I am sick of the Klan rallies. If you all want to read the book go ahead.
Anonymous said…
It's actually a very good book. I think people should read it to know what african americans went through in those days and sometimes go though now. I suggest you give it a try.
Anonymous said…
Well said for both anonymous & T.W. I think for me it just hard to believe we have humans who can be monsters and do such things so horrific, same with hitler and that north Korean dictator. I don't even like seeing fighting videos on social media I want to cover my ears when I hear them yelling and screaming. Almost makes me sick I just turn away. But I'll eventually have to see the world for what it is and what really goes on in it. So that I know I mean really know.
T. W. said…
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
T. W. said…
A lot of us feel your pain.
Anonymous said…
Hey CD Louis from one direction is gonna be a Dad XD.
Anonymous said…
Maria said…
You're freaking amazing, Christian. No joke.

I'm pretty bummed about this twist and can't fathom how or why she went there. :(

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