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Tuesday, July 14, 2015



Monday, November 25, 2013

BIG mistake..........

The powers that be are all excited about the deal with Iran, about stopping them going ahead with their nuclear development.
They'll take the deal and just keep developing, their weapons..


Anonymous said...

What else can the US do about it? Go to war? Economic sanctions?
Covert operations? Computer viruses? Loud condemnation? Peaceful intentions? All have been tried.

T. W. said...

They cannot be trusted. The US should know better.

Anonymous said...

Indeed....what else can we do?

Patrick Ganley said...

@T.W. The US knowing better is an oxymoron.

T. W. said...

You are funny! You are right though.

Maria said...

I wanted to find something positive in this. I'm glad for the Iranian people, who are innocent and good people. But the government is another story. Now I'm pretty concerned.

Anonymous said...

You people don't realize that the US had almost no say in implementing this deal. It was done as a result of the P5+1 nations. They had a larger hand over this deal and many of their nations are overly anti semitic. This isn't to say Israel doesn't have its share of problems (they do, contrary to what CD sees), but to enable an aggressively homophobic and anti semitic regime with validity in diplomatic and economic relations is about as absurd as the Munich Agreement was with authorizing Hitler's nazi assault on Europe many decades ago. The powers that be will see a failure to this historic occasion; one that will be remembered for all of its corresponding infamy.