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TOLD YA Proof from down under (Thank YOU) 

Monday, December 8, 2014

2015 Predictions

2015 Predictions 
Composed between 
Nov 14th  noon & Dec 1st 7pm 2014
In Hermosa Beach Ca, USA.

UK sex scandal/Parliamentary sex ring.
    Oh my god this is going to be front and centre for most of the year. 
    Once the real situation is revealed, which it will.
    By a tabloid of course.
    It will rock the government to it's foundation.
   Just wait till it's revealed what Maggie Thatcher knew and did, 
   or didn't do.
   Just wait till the truth about Edward Heath is revealed.


Anonymous said…
still cant believe this is not making major headlines in the world wide papers CD, why is that? it's disgusting
T. W. said…
That story is disturbing. I pray for peace and protection for all children.
Anonymous said…
Pls can you pray for my new job, things materialize or stop. I need one fast to cover my rent and bills.
Anonymous said…
I really hope that they start to set a new precedence and go after whoever is guilty of these sick crimes against humanity, regardless of whether they are rich and/or famous. This has to stop....worldwide. No one ever did anything about the pedo rings in the WH when Reagan/Bush were there. I believe Bush was the one more involved in this. Yet although it was reported once...the story was dropped and it too stayed out of the papers and public eye. It's just as bad for the criminal media to collude with these amoral people.
T. W. said…

You must have hope. Faith won't work without it. Imagine yourself having what you need and thank God for it.

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