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Thursday, July 9, 2015

TOLD YA Spoilt Bitch ...

Monday, September 29, 2014

Needs to start behaving....

Super Diva Ariana Grande.
Really need to start behaving herself.
she'll loose everything she has been given.
Perhaps a parent could step in......


T. W. said...

Christian you are so funny!

The told ya's are coming in quick . Arianna can't disappear fast enough for me.

Anonymous said...

The people who bought those licked and spit-on donuts are on the store's video, and they have date/time receipts from the cash register. Hope they kept them. Like CD foresaw, she could lose everything--in lawsuits!!!

Anonymous said...

Disgusting and not funny at all. She's destroying her own career, the dancer is using her, low self esteem issues disguised as bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

The donut shop should press charges

Anonymous said...

OMG...seriously???? She licked and spit on some donuts and then sold them to the public? What a mental case. She doesn't deserve a career. She's a sociopath.

Anonymous said...

CD omg there are reports of Rob and twigs setting a date for this month for a wedding. Why is this PR fiasco continuing and when the crap does this end? I was told she's a bit crazy and he's not happy with her. Any insight?

NicQuerica said...

Nasty little heifer! I hope those customers sue her. Ugh!!

Anonymous said...

I really want her career to end! There is something about her that's completely wrong.

Norah Black said...

Her behavior is inexcusable. She deserves to not have a career and never have the public forget her sickening stunt. What a little witch.

Anonymous said...

Gross. She is sick! What a little brat!

India Tucker said...

I am not fond of this comment section. I just hope Ariana gets rid of the people she calls friends so that she can have a long career.