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Thursday, August 6, 2015

This will end up in court .....

This "Family", has absolutely no respect, 
even for themselves.
Just wait till all the legal crap begins.
More & more dirty laundry about to be aired.


auntliddy said...

So disgraceful, i have no words.

T. W. said...

They just want money. I feel bad for Bobbie Christina. At least she is home now.

Anonymous said...

Is there any one of them that's not out for personal gain from BK's death? Maybe Cissy?

Maureen said...

Just sad. Wonder who sold the picture. Both accuse the other side of doing the dirty deed.

Anonymous said...

The Enquirer does it again!

T. W. said...


T. W. said...

Didn't they have Elvis in a casket?

Anonymous said...

Who wants to see these photos????

Anonymous said...

Sick! Buying these pictures should be banned.

Anonymous said...

Do any of them deserve the money? What's strange is Bobby's wife had a seizure.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Certain members of both families are disgraceful and are out for any way to make a buck. This is beyond disgraceful; but I am not altogether surprised this has happened. And, now they will make a total spectacle out of themselves in court.

lottie uk said...

no shame ,no one cared when her mother passed away poor poor girl unwanted and unloved

Michelle said...

Ironically the Enquirer was the only media outlet that exposed the truth about Whitney Houston's drug abuse. Everyone else worldwide bought the PR and ignored it. If only Social Services had acted on the details and properly investigated the allegations, and if found true removed her from her family and be placed in a foster family, that child might well have had a chance! But from the start she was doomed and now in death the girl is to be denied even the dignity of being allowed to rest in peace privately! Her mother and Elvis were famous for a reason and both played no inconsiderable parts in their downfall but BK was unfortunately a victim of parental neglect of both her f**kless parents and their fame and she paid the ultimate price. The Houston and Brown families should hang their heads in shame. I sincerely hope Michael Jackson's kids, despite their problems will fare out better. Like BK, they're surrounded by predatory relatives. If Paris can get through her teenage years intact, she may be able to save her brothers. An Irish almanac prediction from a few years ago mentioned her and predicted that she would turn out be a smart cookie! In spite of her myriad problems, she has shown that she can spot the big sharks a mile off long before she turned 18.