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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tipsy Tipple ...

Tara Reid, has been out of the limelight if late.
Apart from that silly shark movie.
Well, she's about to appear in public soon.
But not well.
watch for a mighty fall, soon.


Anonymous said...

Sad, I hope she gets help.

T. W. said...

I feel sorry for her too.

NicQuerica said...

She's been struggling for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I second that Anonymous!

Soul Sister said...

I feel as though she is throwing her second chance away; yes sharknado is not the best movie. But it was a blessing in disguise for her, she needed to take it and use it to build her career back not throw it away some people wish for a chance like the one Tara Reid has. Also Sharnado is what got her Charlie’s Farm (another movie she was in; filmed in Australia) what is wrong with you Tara???

Anonymous said...

Christian, would you comment on Ben Affleck and his nanny? Did he really have an affair? Is he paying her off? Is the nanny being advised by a PR team? Why is she flaunting her new toys?

T. W. said...

I feel sorry for Tara.

Loveisall said...

Christian will you be having a reading special again? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Gisselle and Brady I doubt she was pleased about the rings and she emasculates him. It makes a man want to cheat.

Anonymous said...

Could you comment on Garth Ancier? He just wrote an article in the Huffingtonpost where he claims he was falsely accused by Michael Eagen of sexual harassment/rape. Is he telling the truth - or did he get away with it, the way Bill Cosby got away with his crimes?

Anonymous said...

She looks awful