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Saturday, September 5, 2015

26 goes into 31 ??????

Khloé Kardashian and James Harden 
Are dating, 
she's 31 he's a 26-year-old basketball star. 
So cute...
Agh ........................
It's just another PR deal from Momanger.
It won't see the New Year.


Anonymous said...

Wow! So none of their relationships are real, they block and control Caitlin, but she' s not having it. The demise of the K family begins, they will end up with nobody and off the radar if they are not careful.

You're the best CD!

T. W. said...

These men must need money and exposure. Why do they always date black men? Is it just a preference or is something going on?

Anonymous said...

So sick and tired of the Kartrashens. I want to puke! When will it stop???

Anonymous said...

Keeping up with the Kray Krays.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Keanu Reeves?

Anonymous said...

Kris can only make her daughters careers, everyone else's including her own epic fail.

T. W. said...

What kind of man would agree to these PR deals with Kartrashians?

jane uk said...

go away please

Anonymous said...

Well at least he doesn't have to marry her and Kylie gave it up and he is a mess. Most of the men they date were better of without the k clan.

Anonymous said...

They need to leave Lamar alone he was better off without them. He has children and doesn't need to be dragged through the mud for your tv ratings and media circus. Only your game apps sell, everything else you're linked with is marked down to get rid of it.