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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Prime Example of a MORON. Karma she awaits ..

Martin Shkreli, 32, founder and chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals, purchased the rights to Daraprim which is used for treating life-threatening parasitic infections - for $55million. He raised the price of the drug from $13.50 per tablet to $750 per tablet. Since the announcement, people across social media have criticized the price increase, but Shkreli has backed the decision, saying that his company 'need to turn a profit on the drug'.         


Develyn Quinn said...

That's why you never do it for the money and should really know someone's character before selling out no pun intended. I know sometimes we don't know it but I would write a contract of some sort stating the price stays the same but welcome to improve it. If it was my business I was selling.

Anonymous said...

Sick. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

He is a cee u next Tuesday !! That is absolutely terrible !!

Anonymous said...

Yep bring a new replacement? Stop greed and the real estate market driving up prices, businesses and people need to thrive.

Anonymous said...

How greedy can you get, he not the only one like this, please name and shamed them CD

Anonymous said...

He is wearing red and pointing to himself.Clueless to the extreme.You get what you ask dumb can you be.

NicQuerica said...

I read that this medication is used to treat HIV. This man is a greedy fucker. No one's gonna buy that pill at that price; he was going to make a profit from it at the original price anyhow! Now he will make FAR less than he would have if he'd just left the price alone!

Anonymous said...

Good. Hopefully people learn about safe sex and that if you aren't safe, there's a price to pay.

T. W. said...

You made a good point. Common sense is needed to run a business and clearly this man has none. He also has no compassion for others. He should have thought about all this before he bought the company.

T. W. said...

Nightly Business Report has reported the price will be lowered in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Make a generic and still get the same effects

Anonymous said...

Price hasn't been lowered yet. This man is a pioneer who has shown all the wealthy psychopaths how to buy drug patents and jack prices. He didn't do it for the money. Think, people.

marmit2010 said...

See you next Tuesday!