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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dear God ....

So rumour has it that Kris Jenner,
 is going marry her "Boyfriend"  Corey Gamble.
On The Kardashian's TV show of course.
Is there anything this selfish bitch,
 won't do for ratings.
Mind you.
I do't see it happening.
Even for rating$$$$.


Erika Byrne said...

I don't see it happening either CD. I think Chris is totally unhinged over Bruce and find her relationship with Corey confusing since she is obviously grieving over her marriage. Strange

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Someone called him Kanye East on Reddit so that's what his name shall be.

Anonymous said...

How much longer will this last - isn't something going to give? The payouts, taxes, the fake church, all the phony paid relationships, paying photographers and "news" sources, overseas contracts...

T. W. said...

The longer it takes people to reap what they sow the bigger the payout. Kris is going down in flames.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Shout out to TW��The money must be running out, so desperate a cancellation means less money paid than agreed. No one wants to watch them overkill and TMI, 15mins is up watch them do anything to keep up the lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Trump's credit card system was hacked at his hotels. What next CD? Please dish...

Anonymous said...

Their ratings are dwindling so they'll be gone soon fingers crossed.

Loveisall said...

Goodness I'm so sick of hearing about them. Make it stop!!

T. W. said...

Bless you. : )

T. W. said...

Hi Christian! I see Hurricane Joaquin is most likely headed my way ( North Carolina ). Another hurricane is behind it. I remember your El Nino prediction. Looks like another told ya coming!

Anonymous said...

Kris's first husband was on the Dream Team who got OJ off the hook for killing her friend Nicole, and her second husband was really a woman. This guy is the perfect choice for her.

Norah Black said...

This is totally fake. She just wants to put the limelight back on herself, since Bruce/Caitlyn stole it for the last few months. What an attention whore this lady is. She needs to dry up and blow away....