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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ermmmmmmm ..

Alexander Skarsgaard,
 needs to start watching his P & Q's.
Or he'll, end up with some bad publicity.
Time to check who's who's around you Alex.


Develyn Quinn said...

P and Q's? Actually wanted to work with him well still do in a music video love his actin. Can we also get a prediction on Amber Rose for your 2016 predictions. I been curious about her and her amber sl*t walk

Develyn Quinn said...

Sorry CD I can hardly put things together takes me a minute for me to figure things out.... p's and Q's that is lol or really to make the connection

T. W. said...

I want to know all the juicy details!

Anonymous said...

Not please and thank you in other words be polite or nice. Like the guy that needs to pay me my money.

Develyn Quinn said...

My mom wants to ask a question her name is Kami Patterson in California and wants to know if she will be stable financially, comfortable in her life. Don't have to worry about nothin. :) currently in the process of moving, worried about finding a place.

Artur said...

Not my king. :(