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I'm special, indeed you are ....

So "God" told me Kentucky "Elected" "clerk " 
"Not to do my job properly" 
Kim Davis.
Is in clinky.
Where she needs to stay.
Until she does her well paid job properly.
This 4 times married,
 "Traditional marriage believer"
Seems to think that she's special.
She probably thinks that,
 she's going to be a martyr.
She's an attention seeking moron.
Who thinks that she can pull the wool,
 over the publics eyes.
Well, she can only do that to those,
 that are already blinded bigots.
Of which she's clearly,
 petitioning to be their president.
Her and her type are the ones,
 Trump should build the wall for.
To send them packing


Maureen said…
The Evangelical nut jobs are claiming that Kim went to Jail for Jesus, when she actually went to jail for contempt of court and imposing her religion on others. I used to feel sorry for her but came to realize she's acting like a control freak with nothing to lose.

I think she has been promised fame and fortune for acting this way and is running with it.

If she had the courage of her convictions she would resign rather than take actions abhorrent to her religious beliefs. I think she doesn't want to lose her great salary, and neither does her church.

Right now she is a self righteous hypocrital adulterer wearing mixed fiber clothing and probably also eating shellfish, all of which are an Obomination before The Lord.

It would certainly serve her right if the attorneys convinced her to turn over most of her certain future earnings coming from this to them as a condition of representation and the rest of any money going to her church. You know she will be alone with her conscience then, as church and attorneys won't want to know her then.

She is certainly on the wrong side of history on this one. She and George Wallace have a lot in common.
T. W. said…
Thank you for this post Christian!

She is an elected official that represents the state. She needs to do her job or quit.

She is not showing Christian love to the gays. She is choosing the Scriptures she likes and twisting them.

Jesus said render to Caesar what is Caesar's. Time to render your service or quit.

She says she will go to hell by granting marriage licenses to the gays. I didn't read that part in my Bible.

This woman is offensive to my religion. God says we have free will. We are not to force our beliefs on anyone. Oh I forgot. Her Bible must be different from mine.

I thought Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself?
Anonymous said…
Mike Huckabee is an ass. He loved the Duggars once too! when he goes to Kentucky he should swing by Arkansas to meet up with his buddy Josh. Pray with him too!
Anonymous said…
Easy pease
Do the job or don't get paid
T. W. said…
Thanks for the laugh!

You are right. Some people do not let the Bible get in the way of their beliefs.
Anonymous said…
T.W. , we love you and your comments!
Anonymous said…
They all thrash Bible when it suits them, she won't have a job, such foolishness obstruction of the law. No church has come forward to support your cause.
T. W. said…
Thank you! I love all of you and your comments too!
Anonymous said…
I think it's funny the claim their rights are violated when people talk about gun laws and such. But, the moment she violates hundreds of couples rights, she is seen as a hero. Shitty, fucking republicans.
Maureen said…
Kim Davis is a Democrat. It's the Evangelicals that are making a big deal about this. Oh, in an ironic twist, Westboro Baptist Church turned against her and already has picket signs saying "Kim Davis causes F*G Marriage", so you know they're planning something.
Maria said…
Westboro has turned on Kim Davis? Bwahahaha!! Hilarious!!

Maureen, I enjoyed your comments. I've nothing to add except I really can't stand these self-righteous idiots. It's like I've been saying out of all the genuine suffering in this world THIS is what they choose to lose their shit over - not wounded vets, not homeless people (and vets), not refugees. Nope. "Threats" to their religion.

Now she and her latest husband think they're media superstars. Puhleeze.
T. W. said…
Love you Maureen!
Anonymous said…
Never bring religion into the work place and you're paid to do your job. There are many who are ready to take your job, because they need it.
Maria said…
I can't even watch the news today! Aaaahhh
Christian Dion said…
This bigot bitch needs to go play with the duggars, she looks like a missing cousin.
The other thing is, when you hate Gay people like she does, this is the fashion line & hair do you end up with CD
Anonymous said…
Huckabee is supporting her, he has lost already. Don't force your views on others, the public view has changed, change your job.
T. W. said…
Thanks for all the laughs!

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