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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Maybe my best birthday pressie ever ...

So my favourite lesbian Justin Bieber.
Told an interviewer, 
that he wants to live like Jesus.
GOOD ......
So with a bit of luck.
He'll start wearing a long frock and sandals.
Plus he'll disappear to the middle east.
Wandering around to find himself.
So no longer do we have,
 to put up with his behaviour.
Or his cat a walling.


Mariefass said...


Puffy Biggles said...

He can start by performing miracles in Syria.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Christian! May this year be filled with love, light, and laughter! Love and blessings, Deb

T. W. said...

You are funny! I wonder if Justin is serious.

Anonymous said...

I hope his mom has saved his room for him in her house.

Anonymous said...

I hope he can find spiritual truth. KN

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying a glorious birthday, Christian. So many thanks for sharing your gift with us. All the best to you. Love, Johanna

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! You gave me a reading this year! Love u! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday

Anonymous said...

He is still an arrogant, self absorbed little puke even tho he allegedly has been on a soul searching quest. He still needs to learn some humility but I doubt he will get it until he does something that hurts someone and/or that lands him in jail.

Loveisall said...

Hope your birthday was great Christian!
And JB has been a wreck for so long it might do him good to walk in the light. See how long it lasts. Lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Cris! I'm an avid follower of your blog; it's really interesting; I was just wondering if you had any insight as to who's going to win the chart battle between Justin and One Direction, because they both have albums out on the same day.

Develyn Quinn said...

Like this picture <3 oxo its very well needed to disappear and find his way. Its good to be gone for awhile. Can't wait to see the changes in him. Peace of mind is the best. All Love

Anonymous said...

Few sources say Bruce Jenner got jumped and beat by 4 dudes in Beverly hills rupturing his breast implants. Bruce working with Beverly Hills Police offering 100,000 for capture. If this is true its about time!