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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Needs a new friend ........

Jimmy Fallon, 
needs to get a new friend/agent/manager.
One that will tell him what's what.
Gets him to see that he needs,
 to reset his life/career.
Before he loses one or both.


T. W. said...

Oh wow!

Anonymous said...

He seems in dark place, he just isn't happy. He chipped his tooth now, these newer agents are opportunist not like before who cared about the goods/person too.

It seems a personal issue is the cause, hope he gets help.

Anonymous said...

This is the second time you've posted something like this for him CD - I can see you are concerned. However - as a fan of his who watches his show each night - he seems fine. His performance is excellent. He looks healthy. Sounds great. Even his recent interview with Jerry Seinfeld on his cars/coffee show - Jimmy seems like the healthiest, most balanced and down to earth person. I hope Jimmy is ok. He's a very talented and sweet person.

Anonymous said...

Most look good, performing is sometimes off camera too. Until you find out they were addicts, it' s hidden but known to a close group of fake and real friends.

Anonymous said...

People can fake. Just remember Robin Williams. Everyone though he was fine until tragedy strikes.

Anonymous said...

We all know that CD is usually right! I'm just saying with Jimmy that he seems young, healthy and energetic - so it's quite a prediction! With some stars you can see tragedy coming down the lane - Amy Winehouse, Philip Seymour Hoffman etc. Anyway - let's hope Jimmy gets some help.

CD - Any thoughts on how Stephen Colbert will fair? His new show starts next week. Or are you saving that for 2016 predictions?