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Friday, September 11, 2015

NO WHITEHOUSE for Babyfart ...

So as Donald "Babyfart" Trump,
 surges in the polls.
He is in real danger of winning the nomination.
(Then some nutjob NRA will then knock him off)
But he won't get the keys to the Whitehouse.
I can't wait till the news,
 re his support to/from the KKK.
Becomes known.


Anonymous said...

thank god, i cant stand his ass.

Erika Byrne said...

Hi CD. Totally off you ever see yourself coming to Australia to do some shows?? Hope so!!

T. W. said...

This news is so juicy! Christian you are the best!

Anonymous said...

CD, How do you explain all the people who support him? That's what truly scares me. Trump has always been a despicable scumbag - but why do people support him? I'm starting to lose faith in humanity.

Anonymous said...

I agree and I do believe he will get the GOP nomination but they will never let him become President. If he did, he would literally take down the U.S. in my opinion. This is how Clinton will get in the White House. It is quite startling but not entirely surprising how fractured the GOP party is and that they have done this to themselves by letting radical factions run around in their party for so long.

Christian Dion said...

His "Supporters" are white breed trailer park trash who are completely uneducated selfish morons plain and simple.
He simply appeals to the lowest of the low CD

Chrystal Davis-Evans said...

Ugh the pickings are sure slim this time around!

Anonymous said...

My hubby and I could not agree with you more CD!! Getting tire of seeing Trump every where and every day! I wonder if it's true that EL Chopa would like some words with him…..

Chrystal Davis-Evans said...

2016 is not looking promising at all! Neither is 2020 if we have people like this one and Kanye West wanting to be President. What is America coming too? Would you please enlighten me!

Anonymous said...

The supporters I personally know are from the midwest, mostly rural or raised on farms. Many of them own farms or more than one home. What they have in common is their love of firearms. Hunting is part of their culture, their life revolves around guns and hunting, and most of them would never vote democratic because of the gun issue. People who live in the city don't understand how very different rural people are. It is a completely different culture. Many of them are racist even against people from other states. And many of them are Teabaggers and outspoken.

Anonymous said...

When will the media's vendetta against Hillary stop

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that moron won't be president. Thanks CD :)

Anonymous said...

Haha! Please don't hold back

Norah Black said...

I couldn't agree more with Annon 5:29. I grew up in a small town of about 300 and as God is my witness, I spent a very alienated childhood because of "small mindedness", low people that want to put others down, act racist, etc... Because of that I missed out in maybe forming some lifelong friendships (possibly...I don't know). Anyway, these people literally do not have a clue about what is good for them or society and that what is good for society is also good for them. They are so warped in their thinking because they are "big fish in the small pond". It's not the best for character building, I would say. I am still surprised how people can cherry-pick everything Trump says to pick out one or two decent things he says in favor of the public, like raising taxes on the rich. Even he knows that is the way to balance what is going on economically in the U.S. I love it that it drives the GOP mad, I have to admit, but that is where it begins and ends with me. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. He'd be a time bomb waiting to explode if they ever gave the narcissist the WH crown. It won't happen. He's not rational enough to appeal to enough people to win.

Anonymous said...

The lowest of the low and where his mindset is.

Jessica Simpson dissed Nick Lachey, they got MTV based on Nick and her father capitalized on it. There is not much brains or savvy going on in her mind as the show suggested. Get over Nick.

Maria said...

Seems to me he can do no wrong. He's so much like Sarah Palin that way. She was such a moron and it just made the morons love her more. LOL. Easy peasy!

I'm just flabbergasted about Hillary. She was in so solid and now this? I don't get it. I mean WTH is her karma here? I like her a lot. I respect her. I like Sanders, but I see no evidence he's going to be able to back up all these complaints (legit as they are) with real change. He points out the problems in our govt. but what's he going to do - wave a magic wand to change it? Sure.

I hope Hillary rebounds. I'd love to see her run against Trump. He deserves the humiliation.

Anonymous said...

So that's what you meant by him coming to a "sticky end"...

Anonymous said...

Is Hillary going to be the next president? A few sites see her losing and two of the sites see her having some kind of tragedy and opting out of public service forever. KN