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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sadly much worse to come ...

So as the migrant situation,
 gets worse & worse in Europe.
Some countries have decided,
 to close their borders for 30 days.
More closures will follow.
Along with the violence that this will cause.
When Hitler tried all this.
The World went to war to stop him.
What is the World doing this time round.
Just standing by.
Not a good idea.
Time for the World to grow a pair.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the fitting metaphor would be that Syria is Hitler running off or killing millions of people. If Europe unites and goes to war against Syria and Isis, then the metaphor would fit.

T. W. said...

Some are afraid the refugees will not assimilate into the new countries. They tend not to invest in the new country and bring Sharia law with them. It is my fear they are throwing the baby out with the bath water. There has got to be a better solution.

Puffy Biggles said...

That's what happens when the US causes instability by invading the middle east under false pretenses. I think they should all be put up at the Bush and Cheney mansions, since they started this whole mess.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:51 is correct this is no Hitler situation.
The other countries that love Sharia law should take them.
They refuse.. they are all having a big laugh.
This is a plan and they will change the world according to their plan.
TW is correct they will not assimilate. When in Rome do what Romans do.. oh no not these when In Rome do Sharia law. Also with their high birth rates. I don't blame Europe. They are evil and not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Stop creating wars for profit and no the Arab states won't take them. The situation is a mess and most will have to return to safe havens nearer their home country.

Anonymous said...

Puffy B, the US is not the cause of this. We didn't create their government or go to war with them.

Where is the much touted Muslim charity and supposed care for their own? Doesn't exist. Whose borders have been closed to them from day one? Their own Muslim neighboring countries.

Whose borders have been wide open for decades? The USA. What country out of the entire world has let tens of millions of people live in their country undocumented and illegal while providing them with benefits? The USA. Who doesn't round them up or shoot water cannons at them? Who has over a million illegals a year walking, boating, driving or coming by the planeload that intend to stay forever? In the US we live with this every day.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the muslim invasion of europe nostradamus predicted.

Anonymous said...

Why are the peaceful Muslim countries not coming forward to take these refugees in?

Why are these people not going toward the peaceful parts of the Middle East? Because they see a chance of resettling in a more giving, prosperous and non-judgmental land. But they didn't build it, they won't sustain it, they'll leech on and wittingly or unwittingly destroy it. Sorry for the long comment, but I feel strongly about this.

Tony said...

Why are the UN pussy footing around? Things are an absolute mess in Syria. A civil war that has raged for 4 years with IS IS causing absolute mayhem..and where is Assad?? You're absolutely right CD. The world will have to grow a pair. It's definitely echoes of what happened over 70 years ago.

jane uk said...

the goverment in uk should open the doors to them and give them all the help they need . we should be like Germany .

Anonymous said...

I agree with Puffy above. Bush and Cheney should be treated as war criminals because they started a war in Iraq under false intelligence and outright lied to the entire world. They nearly drove the U.S. into a depression but want to blame the current administration for their epic failure that has created this mess. You have to be careful what you start in the Middle East because what takes its place may be a million times worse. Like what is happening at this very minute. The GOP is itching to get back into more wars which will plummet the world into a recession and most likely a depression. All countries have GOT to work together to fix this epic problem as it is only going to get worse. Much worse. You are right CD- ALL leaders of civilized nations have GOT to grow a pair and fast because these issues are not going away...they are only getting worse.

Puffy Biggles said...

Anon at 8:52 AM, I beg to differ. The USA (or more accurately, the Bush/Cheney administration) did cause instability in the middle east by 1) creating a false flag operation known as 9/11, and 2) using the false flag operation as justification to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. And to anyone who has truly researched the 9/11 tragedy, there is no doubt that it was the brainchild of the US government; that is, the government within the government. Like I said, Bush and Cheney should put these poor people up at their estates. They have the blood of thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of middle easterners on their hands. I almost feel sorry for Cheney because his Karma will no doubt be long and torturous.

Anonymous said...

I agree with puffy but more so that this is all part of the same plan.This juggernaut is rolling out as planed to destabilize and cause chaos as it grows.The end result( I'm pretty sure its not good for the useless feeders..thats how they refer to us little people)is known only to the new world order and they are gleefully rubbing their hands together.I hope the accumulated bad karma from all those years of planing,murder and so on blows up in their faces at the last minute and putting a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks CD for everything you do! You are a true man of god, and awesome!

Lets pray for the bloodshed and violence to stop soon. amen.

Maria said...

Well, it's very simple for us out here to say do this or do that. Truth is most people have ME fatigue because we would not be turning away as often as we do after seeing what's happening in Syria. I get it cuz I turn away too. Syria is all but decimated. Most people who do stay have to run and hide in fields on a daily basis to avoid possible death. The camps are beyond comprehension. I can't imagine having no choice but to trade my home for a permanent tent. I'd want to give up if that was the best I could offer my children. They do not.

Western countries do believe Arab states need to manage, help end the fighting and rescuing of citizens on the whole. Fair enough. But they cannot force them to comply. The Saudis have tight restrictions they utilize to prevent opening doors to refugees. How convenient is that? It's astonishing how little shame it brings to them. With all that wealth too? I mean what good is all that wealth if you sit on it while people are suffering and dying?

Anonymous said...

Puffy and anon Puff 10:41 I so agree with you but you left out the most important pieces of the puzzle. The US government is reptilians from a mothership disguised as the moon. It was a laser shot from their alpha base that brought down The Towers. The reptile US elite throw square dances in fields and cause crop circles that destabilize the mid-east.

I have a place to go near the north pole to bug out when this goes down like you said. Grab your long johns and join me when the moon is in the seventh house and jupiter aligns with mars.

T. W. said...

I see what you did. : )

Anonymous said...

TW, thanks for the smile. They deserved a good poke for the derailing the thread.

T. W. said...

You are welcome! ; )