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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Seems he could only afford one crayon ...

So here's a pic of Kanye "I am God" West.
With the product of his Creative Mind ,
at New York fashion week.
Now no doubt this crap will sell out.
But I am waiting for someone to cry 
"Kings Clothes"


Anonymous said...

What's he on?

T. W. said...

Looks like slave rags.

Anonymous said...

Haha, you're sarcastic CD

Anonymous said...

"Kings Clothes!"

Everybody now:

Anonymous said...

All I thought of when I say it what Edina Monsoon in Abfab's would have said...."I saw this homeless person raiding a dumpster and they were wearing KANYE....and when did a looking like a hoodlum become haute couture?".

Anonymous said...

Why? Couldn't his special friend help, there is no style color or design because like Kim he is boring too.

Anonymous said...

What's causing the strife in Jessica Simpsons life?

Norah Black said...

Well I have no idea why anyone would want to guy such ugly looking rags, but whatever....

Maureen said...

He's on Pure Ego.

Anonymous said...

you have such a sharpe tongue CD, i love what you say

T. W. said...

Riccardo Tisci's d*ck.

Puffy Biggles said...

I'm not digging the Concentration Camp look.

Anonymous said...

Kanye is lost and this shows he has no talent either.

Maria said...

So painfully hideous.

The only way I could like this guy is if he confessed it was all a joke. That he made them super ugly on purpose. Cuz...

Anonymous said...

What an idiot!! Again I shouldn't be throwing barbed remarks!! He is making more money than I !! That is what counts !! �� He is still an idiot though!!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. This is some UGLY clothes. He thinks it's going to "catch on" , but it won't. Don't worry Kanye....I"m sure some desperados will buy it ....when it's marked off 70%. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Critics hate it!


NicQuerica said...

What is this mess? Lol some fool it though. Kanye ain't been right since his Mom died.