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Monday, September 21, 2015

She maybe a Billionaire, but she's still a pisshead.

So after her,
 "Pissed as a Newt",
 performance the other night on HSN.
Jessica Simpson, needs to go to rehab asap.
Or she'll be in court for DUI.


Heather said...

Happy birthday Christian! I hope you have a very blessed and wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe she's a billionaire the company that owns her name is and she sold her stake. She would fart and burp in meetings and is a ditz.

T. W. said...

I hope she doesn't kill anyone.

Anonymous said...

Pisshead? Farting and burping in meetings? OMG that is so funny!!


Anonymous said...

She's pissed and Nick and not happy. It's not the money but it helps keep her husband by her side. But Ashley married billionaire blood line.

Anonymous said...

It is the pills and alcohol almost like Anna Nicole she doesn't know what to do with her life and brains aren't her forte.

Lisa Sherwood said...

Happy birthday, Christian. Enjoy. xxx

Anonymous said...

12 awards to on show! The Emmys should give awards to more shows, diverse and fair. Well it's all fake anyway. ��

Anonymous said...

she should go out on the town with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini nee Cheryl Cole

KU said...

HBD CD....Luv U!!!

bernice20 said...


Anonymous said...

Nick is happy. Jessica I'm doubting is.

Anonymous said...

CD what's causing Jessica to spin out of control like this? Her dad? Her husband being a mooch-cheat? The fact Nick is happy and doing just fine without her?

NicQuerica said...

I'm not so sure about that. Years ago I read that she actually has an IQ of 165. Genius level. Hell for all we know she might have gotten high on PURPOSE knowing it would generate buzz. Her collection on HSN has sold out.

Anonymous said...

Smileys don't work and Jessica obviously is unhappy Nick is content and wise with his money. Jessica is thick needs to stick to the script or damage the goods/brand. Mariah has learnt that Beyonce and sadly Britney whole has never been the same, the sparkle in her eyes have gone.

Anonymous said...

What is going on with robert pattinson and fka twigs. I haven't seen them in public. Have they split?

Anonymous said...

No one cares about twigs damn how many times you gotta ask on here shhhiiitt!! Give us all about break and PAY CHRISTIAN you cheap ass broken record !!!

Anonymous said...

Not the OP but dayum girl! Calm yourself. I haven't seen anything posted about him lately. Just relax. Agreed CD should be paid to answer questions but it's not a personal question. It's about a celebrity. No need to be so incredibly rude. To answer ur question anon at 1:10pm there is speculation but like CD said its fake anyways. But the story will likely hot soon that they "have"

Jessica Simpson is falling off. It's sad to see people ruin their lives with drugs and drinking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks cd what to you see about her sister marring into real money