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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Somethings not right .....

I get the darkest feeling about the Pope's visit.
Lets hope the SS catch whatever it is.


Anonymous said...

i pray you are wrong ,ive heard others saying this as well

Anonymous said...

There are so may rumours about the Pope's visit to America. I've read that he and Obama would address a certain topic. That certain topic I'm not so sure as I've read several theories about it being related to ISIS, gay marriage, climate change, alien disclosure, a natural disaster, US economy, New World Order, rapture etc. So many rumours going on.. I hope everything will be okay.

Anonymous said...

I'm 58 now and have had many a vision.Thought it was just me,now out of now where my 80 something father tells me how a Ouija board when he was a kid said he would marry a women with a name he hates and from a country we where at war with (Germany)and that would never happen.Well it did,my moms from Germany and the name was exactly that.To my point..Dad had a vision that a pope with round type glasses would arrive and than a Jewish horn will be blown and a comet will arrive and do great damage.Just a heads up and not trying to scare anyone.Just wish dear old Dad had told me about this gift that he past down to me sooner and maybe it would have given me some solace.I believe in the old ways and there is something around this guy,something not good and I hope dear old dad's vision does not go full till.

Anonymous said...

oh god. im from new york city, manhattan. im so tired of us being targeted. hopefully nothing happens to the Pope & to us.

Anonymous said...

OH this is worrisome. I don't have "the sight", but given the things he's been saying, which are very much keeping with Christ's docrine, I knew the conservatives would not like it and they don't. I worry he will be assassinated. I just hope it is unsuccessful. He is a breathe of fresh air and exactly what Catholicism and Christianity needs.


Anonymous said...

CD, I have only been a viewer for a few weeks but I can definitely note some amazing ability with your predictions. I trust that you are not using methods to fake your accuracy, as there are methods and I am aware of them. But with you, you give off a vibe of honesty and an upfront attitude.
With that said, I am going to be keeping up with the news regarding the Pope.

I am not a natural-born intuitive or anything, but starting last month I kind of began to try and see if I could "predict" images/words that would be seen in the news. For this month, I predicted 2 meteors to be seen in the sky, and also a snake and the pope. One meteor has shown in a foreign country, I don't know if the 2nd is yet come.
The snake, if I recall correctly, was slithering around the pope's arm...while wearing that frock the popes wear...the white one with big arm open space, I don't know the proper terms since I am not religious. But yeah, interesting that you predict something regarding the pope.

Let's all hope nothing happens. This pope seems to be wanting to show that true, open-minded and good-hearted christians still exist.

Anonymous said...

This is the first Pope that I've liked and respected. I pray, only this once, that you are wrong and you know I love u and the blog

Christian Dion said...

I too pray to be wrong, or at least the powers that be put and end to it CD

Maria said...

Oh CD, I felt worried today too!

I was watching his arrival and hearing them talk about all these threats and how Pope Francis doesn't like security & I'm like, NO. Please don't let it happen. There's always some sick a-hole who wants to take the best of us down. It would make sense this could happen in America. We are such a violent country and all it takes is just one sociopath.

I will so be praying!

Maria said...

What interesting, kind comments. Let's all pray for Pope Francis's safety. I mean it. He is such a good soul and a much needed one on this planet.

Anonymous said...

I too had a weird feeling of the Pope visiting! I pray for his safety and the safety of people around him during his visit and that he makes it to his home safely! Thanks CD & Many blessings to you! Your bday is coming up too!! Happy Early BDAY!!

Loveisall said...

Wow this is awful. Hopefully his visit goes well

Anonymous said...

I've worried too, and I feel he'll be most vulnerable in Philadelphia. Don't know why. Hopefully we are all just overprotective of such a man of peace, despite our beliefs.


Anonymous said...

I love this Pope!! He is protected and will be safe.

T. W. said...

I feel like this is the last "real Pope."

Anonymous said...

We never know what the Secret Service knows or has blocked, so I don't think you're feeling is in vain or poor use, CD.

I pray he stays safe. So far, so good.

Puffy Biggles said...

The Pope is a lightworker, and undoubtedly has many guardian angels protecting him. Dark forces in our government want him dead, no doubt about that. If he dies, it is because he is needed elsewhere. He is coming to America at a crucial time in the Heavens. Anyone who knows astrology knows this. I believe he was sent here at a crucial astrological time to act as a catalyst to wake up the spiritually dead in America; to bring about an incremental shift in consciousness, if you will.

Anonymous said...

My condolences to everyone above.