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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Big head, little dick ...

Napoleonic syndrome actor Jeremy Previn.
Needs to put a stop to his bad behaviour.
Before someone comes to light.
That won't take the payoff..


Anonymous said...

He will blame it all on mercury poisoning from sushi again.
Sushi will sue, Piven will rue, and all get their due.

T. W. said...

Someone please spill the beans!

Anonymous said...

Rumor:???badly beat up russian gf:???Rumor

Anonymous said...

There have many blind and not so blind stories about this guy. He seems to be getting worse.

Tony said...

Here in the UK he plays the main part in Mr Selfridge. And it's a great TV drama too

Anonymous said...

It will do do him good if that happens to him , he needs it.

Anonymous said...

Btw!!�� is Ireland going to win the rugby World Cup??? If so!! I'm off to place a wager(rubs hands in glee) lol

Anonymous said...

Can he take Wilmer Valderwatzit with him?

Anonymous said...

Amy Schumacher is not even funny! Bring back real talent.

Anonymous said...

Piven guys like that are damaged and full of it.

Anonymous said...

The clue is genitala so he is either bi and in denial and takes his aggression out on hookers or partners.

Anonymous said...

When he was in high school, he raped a girl and paid her hush money to avoid prosecution.

Anonymous said...

That's terrible it must haunt him.

This strange but I get the feeling that William at a later stage will cheat on Kate. Maybe after the third child.

Norah Black said...

Ewwww...I looked up Piven and it turns out he got a little rape-y with Debra Messing and kept jamming his tongue down her throat, and as she put it, "just because he could". That's gross. She said he was the worst guest on Will and Grace.