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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bloody bonkers ......

Who in their right mind,
 thinks that this is a good idea.
Lindsay Vrkovnik and Scott Disick,
 in New York City.
Where are her parents, she's only 18yrs old.
This is going to be big trouble.


Anonymous said...

She's lovin' every minute of it. Gonna be preggers in 3...2...1

richard jordan said...

Wow, this probably confirms the old rumor that Scott had sex with Kourtney's sister, Kendall who is 19. I wouldn't be surprised if he at least flirted with Kendall and Kylie.

This is inappropriate. But, in Scott's defense she knows what she is getting herself in to. Still, she is just a girl.

T. W. said...

I hope she doesn't sleep with the Kardashian cast-off. Imagine the diseases she could get.

Anonymous said...

Yeah twins

Anonymous said...

Gold and silver gonna fade away...

Anonymous said...

After Lamar be warned, Kris never liked Scott but he has served his purpose he will blow all the loot too.

This is a PR fiasco with the dick and because Trump got a bit of attention Kim is now pushing kanye to run for president. Both are crazy to think they can pull it off, someone may kick him out off the closet sooner than he would like.

Anonymous said...

Will we be okay in Bermuda? Hurricane Joaquin is headed towards the island today.

Anonymous said...

Another told ya CD but an extraordinary one.

Anonymous said...

Scott doesn't look happy, but he never does look happy.