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Friday, October 30, 2015

Plumber ???

Just as the waves are rough on the shores of Southern California at the moment.
Things are about to get somewhat rough.
For Bradley Cooper.
Seems he doesn't have as good a
 control over his life that he thinks.
Perhaps a change in his PR people would help.
Leak Bradley, LEAK.


T. W. said...

Oh dear...

Anonymous said...

Better call JLaw

Anonymous said...

Will he finally be outed ? and all of the girls he dated are "beards"…….

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about him today. Leak as in photos or sex tape? Also, I know this doesn't have to do with the topic, can someone warn Olivia Culpo that Tim Tebow is NOT a good choice for a boyfriend. I read somewhere he was going to do something dark. I'll probably get slapped on the hand for this up above and in the Akashic records but better to give a warning and make them choose the right path.

Maria said...

He's a bit out there with his career and flings. Meaning he doesn't seem to believe in holding back at all. I'm very interested in seeing him trip up a bit and maybe pumping those brakes. haha

Anonymous said...

Leak as in all the blind items that have been showing up about him, involving his same sex involvements. Just a guess.

Anonymous said...

Leak meaning someone on his team that he trusts is going to sell his private business for $$$$$?

Anonymous said...

Tim Tebow? Something dark? He's a hardcore evangelical Christian.

Anonymous said...

I have never get his lets say charm but i like him in SLP with Jen.IMO he's gay and these beautiful models he dated have been his beards.I remeber CHristian saying that there would be the pics leaked/hacked of male celebs the way Jen Lawrence pics were hacked.

Christian Dion said...


Anonymous said...

That doesn't mean anything. You can still proclaim to be a hardcore evangelical Christian and still do something dark. Dark intentions exist everywhere; regardless if religion is practiced in the individual's life or not. Everyone has the potential to carry bad intentions just as much as they can carry good intentions.

I don't necessarily know if he's gay. I was looking at some pictures of him and he did have the "feminine energy" about him. But that could have been him just embracing that energy at the time. He was hilarious in "Wet Hot American Summer." Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Lol being a hardcore Evangelical Christian is something dark in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

That's what you atheists think. Religion is not awful, but keep lying to yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

Not everyone is evil. :)

Carmen Reilly said...

My thought is that is something to do with backing Jennifer Lawrence

Hollywood might backlash

And he's not in as strong a position as he thinks

Even though he is fighting for fairness

And is shrewd about how he manages his career

This might be oversight

Hollywood doesn't like challenge

T. W. said...

Thank Yoy for your response.

Anonymous said...

Anything else to report? Juicy details

Anonymous said...

I love the Lord with my heart and soul. Christians immune from being dark because they're Christian. Remember it's Christians who raped, killed, stole, spread diseases to the natives in the US and covered it up with "Manifest Destiny" aka it was God's will for them to move west.

T. W. said...

We all do wrong.

June said...

I wanted to ask you about Jennifer Lawrence. Can you see a stable love interest for her in a near future? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask about Jen Lawrence too.Is she with Chris Martin in relationship?Because I didn't see the pics of them together.