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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Celebrity scumbag/child molester/sexual deviant,  photographer, Terry Richardson is having a baby with his long-time assistant, Alexandra BolotowThis is not going to end well.  Nor do I see the baby making it to this World.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. He is a total PERV in the worst sense of the word!

T. W. said...

He might beat the poor baby out of her. God bless the child.

NicQuerica said...

This guy is a filthy pervert. The last thing a child needs is a father like that.

Anonymous said...

Ugh this guy is gross

How much longer till that one couple with a "fauxlationship" ends? Ya know the one where the British actor is dating the British singer nobody knew till she was seen with him??? It was supposed to be over months ago.

Anonymous said...

Who is that british actor? Sad, sad and he gets away with it.

Maria said...

He is vile but how stupid is she to even be with him?

Where is your dignity, girl?

auntliddy said...

Blessings to baby.

Anonymous said...

I HATE him but I don't wish ill upon a newborn (I'm not saying you are, CD--I'm speaking generally).

He shouldn't reproduce. He's gross and disgusting and makes me vomit.

Anonymous said...

No morals

Anonymous said...

The little dog looks scared.