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Thursday, October 22, 2015

So the end of the world,
 could be very near at hand.
Kyle Jenner, is contemplating,
 going in to the acting game.
I suppose she has a bit of a head start.
As everyday she has to act as though, she has an IQ over 18 as well as a personality.
I can't see her doing anything,
 other than porn though.
He He ...


Cecilia said...

Is the end of the world comment you made suppose to be a joke? Or is it in direct relation to your "World Woes" post you made on October 19th?

Anonymous said...
CD, Do you think Beyonce is older than her age ?

T. W. said...

I think he means the end of the Kartrashians. I would not be surprised if she has already made a porn film.

Anonymous said...

Yep and of course Beyonce lies about her age and plastic surgery too. Please don't let Lamar get back with khole nobody wants her either.

Anonymous said...

Everyone sees the trash and it's time to take it out.

T. W. said...


Anonymous said...

She has made a soft porn movie they have nothing going on. Their novelty is wearing off, but in their minds the whole world knows them, they have money now and they mix with celebs.

Caitlin seems to have distanced herself from them.

Anonymous said...

Empty life

Anonymous said...

Yes, Christian I agree she's had a head start in acting as her "relationship" is as real as her trout lips. How much lower can this family go? And you're right about Khloezilla. I don't think she's going to stop until she gets all of Lamar's possessions, money and a huge insurance payout. Forget about his children or the mother of his children or his dad. It's all about money, fame, posing and crying for the camera.

Anonymous said...

do you still see one of the Jenner girls going to the ? Is Kendall gay? if so, she needs to come out and be a spoke person for all gays and not be worried if it would hurt her career. I think her career will not be hindered and but flourish.

Anonymous said...

They were dressed in black he is no dead yet and Khole is smiling and will not share the settlement gawd I hope the children fight and win. This will be the end of them and their nest egg.

NicQuerica said...

I'm sick of these Kardashian bitches. That's all I gotta say.

Anonymous said...

Ok this is going to sound a little out of left field, but why does she remind me of the Long Island Lolita. That's what I think of when I look at her. Not sure why.