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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

TOLD YA... Another one bites the dust ..

Monday, December 8, 2014

2015 Predictions

2015 Predictions 
Composed between 
Nov 14th  noon & Dec 1st 7pm 2014
In Hermosa Beach Ca, USA.

Halle Berry
 Back on top professionally this year, 
but privately a complete mess.
 She really does have a knack,
 of picking the wrong guys.
 But the next one will be great.
 Try a different type Halle.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope Kate Winslet's next divorce is n't too far behind this one.

Sarah said...

Cd-----why does she always pick the violent ones? She is so beautiful. An Oscar winner!

Anonymous said...

Hallebis cray cray and now has to pay alimony and support to another baby daddy. She left a scene of an accident and that still haunts her.

She can still make money to pay the fathers off.

Anonymous said...

I hope Halle or someone close to her gets this message to her, Christian. Getting together with a good person could really help her with her predicaments!

T. W. said...

About time. No sympathy for her.

Maria said...

Does she really choose the wrong guy - in other words mistake lust for love? Or is she just very immature and troublesome herself? Or is it both. I mean my mother was married twice so three isn't outrageous. But it's not anything to dismiss either.

Stay single and celibate for a good year, Halle. Learn something.

Also, CD Why the hell is Jennifer Garner hanging out with her ex-husband so much? Does she really not care about what he did? They're like buddies now. Crazy.

Norah Black said...

Well sometimes it just takes a little longer to learn. She just needs to slow down and really get to know someone first. Moving too fast is what I think is partly the trouble. Hope she does better the next time around, but maybe she'll be a little more sympathetic to her ex Aubrey, who she was kind of nasty to. I think it's weird that she doesn't even try to get 50% custody. That's odd.

T. W. said...

She is called Halle Scary for a reason ...

Anonymous said...

She was smiling when he beat Aubrey to pulp and covered up for him. Until his aggression was projected on to her, she crazy.