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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Told Ya, Darkness revealed ...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Somethings not right .....

I get the darkest feeling about the Pope's visit.
Lets hope the SS catch whatever it is.


Anonymous said...

Yep. More to come...

Jesse said...

My oh my, that's an interesting assertion. I do wonder if your interpretation would be different if you considered some lesser known facts. A lesser known fact is that it is possible that the covenant with the Church is broken, why would I say this? Well, if you watched the news of the pope, it's a big story when his papal staff breaks, but nobody mentions the significance of this, according to Levitical law, a broken staff is a sign of a broken covenant, and his staff has broken at least twice. Something else, did you notice that a rainbow followed the pope through America, the rainbow is a sign for many things including the Judgement of God. I'd proceed with caution around the pope, not because he's a bad guy, but because he acts like he's the best pope ever. Remember how after Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert for forty days, then he showed Jesus the world saying all of this is yours if you'll follow me. Promising to care for someone is the devil's last ditch effort to get his hooks in you. So you really have to be careful when leaders come up saying follow me and I'll take care of you. Just saying, I wonder how your reading would have went if you considered other facts.

Anonymous said...

Why should a fool get such treatment?

T. W. said...

I am too disgusted to read the article. Something about this pope is not quite right.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Davis has decided to also change from being a Democrat to a Republican because the Democrats did not come to her defense…. Now I bet she is going to change to a Catholic. What a flip flopper. The Republicans can have her…..
The Pope is way off of meeting with her…. Don't forget to pray for him….. :)

Mariefass said...

I have a dark feeling about the pope. Something along the lines of "..a wolf in sheep's clothing..."

Anonymous said...

That's some genuine ESP, CD. Had no clue what you were foreseeing at the time, but you called it. Kim the dim Davis has made some very powerful connections if they could get the Pope to secretly fly across the country to bless her.

The broken staff comment at 7:20 is very intriguing.

Anonymous said...

Adding some good news for all of us: All six of Cecil the lion's cubs are thriving and "as fat as ticks", according to the Daily Mail. Yay! Take that, dentists!

Anonymous said...

you guys need to work in Hollywood

Louis said...

I don't like his eyes....there's something about them and as a result I feel the same way as Mariefass.

I have a grave fear he is turning religion into a social/political action group and away from its attempt to reach the divine.

Anonymous said...

Never know, 2:55. Novelists, screenwriters, psychics, you never know who is commenting....maybe someone high up in the Vatican hierarchy who needs to vent....or someone wearing a tin foil hat....

Anonymous said...

This is disturbing. Kim Davis' actions were full of hate. I don't understand how they can be condoned by the Pope.


Anonymous said...

Bad call on the Pope's part and how was it set up and hush hush.

People get swept up with the media and fandom let's see what happens now with this Pope.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Pope condones that Bitch's actions. Maybe he just wanted to meet? I wouldn't look far into it. He's proven he is a good person.

Anonymous said...

I love that the Vatican, upon hearing Davis' distorted account has come out and clarified that there was no private meeting, but she was simply among several dozen he received in the Vatican Embassy. The Vatican has firmly noted that contrary to her version of events, "The pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects,"

Anonymous said...

Before we continue, let us stipulate a few things. First of all, let us stipulate that there are more than a few members of the Church's permanent bureaucracy, both within the Clan Of The Red Beanie and without, who are not happy that this gentleman got elected Pope, and who are not happy with what he's done and said since he was. Second, let us stipulate that many members of this group are loyal to both former pope Josef Ratzinger and, through him, to the memory (and to what they perceive as the legacy) of John Paul II who, for good and ill, had a much different idea of how to wield a papacy than Papa Francesco does. Third, let us stipulate that this opposition to the current pope has been active and vocal, to say nothing of paranoid. Finally, let us stipulate that, for over 2000 years, the Vatican has been a hotbed of intrigue, betrayal, and sanctified ratfcking on a very high scale. (It also has been a hotbed of, well, hot beds, but that's neither here nor there at the moment.) So, if you're one of these people, and you're looking to ratfck the pope's visit to the United States, and to his agenda in general, you'd be looking to put him in a box. So, how would you do that?"

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis held a private meeting with a same-sex couple in the United States the day before he met with Kim Davis, the county clerk who opposes same-sex marriage.

Happy now!! Hollywood calling..

Anonymous said...

This thread has been fascinating. Shout out to 3:29 for the socio/political action insight, to 4:52 for details of the vatican version of the meeting, to 6:28 for Esquire's reminder of the vatican agenda, and to 1:14 for the ray of light.

Every comment from beginning to end added something. Bravo, CD fans!

Christian Dion said...

Really !!
#! Same sex couples aren't criminals.
#2 The Pope has same sex couples working for in in and OUT of the Vatican.
#3 Kim Davis is a criminal as she still isn't doing her job that she was elected to and is well paid to.

T. W. said...

You tell 'em!

Anonymous said...

Kim is a Pentecost. My great aunt was one. They speak in tongues during their services. It sounds like the great hall of a victorian insane asylum.

CD is entirely correct. 1. My nieces and nephews and their same sex partners are not criminals. 2. The catholic church couldn't even function without gays. 3. 80 thousand a year to sit on her fat ass and play God. Plus she wore a tee shirt to meet the pope.

Hope it said "I met the Pope and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".

Anonymous said...

Pope met with both sides
What's the problem
Can't meet with anyone? He went to a prison met inmates.
So him meeting Kim what's her ugly face is not a reason to say he has issues..

Anonymous said...

Turns out it seems like the pope didn't meet her she lied..

Anonymous said...

CD if you weren't provoked you wouldn't have the fire in your belly to lay down the law. So I say, come at me bro!

What's with the ad for numerology getting by the mod? Do you endorse him? Just asking.