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Friday, October 9, 2015

Told Ya, he he he ..


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Christian Dion 
The Seer’s 
2013 Predictions
(Completed Dec 19th 2012)

27                  GOP they need to get their act together if they wish to survive at all. The main problem is that the leaders live in such ivory towers, they can't see the ground for the clouds. Nothing good for them in 2013 as they get even lower ratings as the months go on.


T. W. said...

Well then. Can't they get an independent to be speaker? That's right. Speaker of House is in the line of succession.

Maria said...

They are in such a scary MESS. What a joke the GOP, and what a joke our congress. I am so embarrassed to be held hostage to a bunch or selfish, ill chosen public servants. But they are not my party and I am not blame. But we all suffer from their failings.

So sick of it!

T. W. said...

Chef Paul Prudhomme has died. May he rest in peace.

Norah Black said...

Problem is, they could get someone worse that Kevin McCarthy. At least he told the truth.

Anonymous said...

There is no way the Khardashians can pay Scott 20 million.

Sarah said...

T.W. That man taught me how to cook! I will miss his flare!

T. W. said...

Hi Sarah! I loved his PBS programs. I cook with his spice blends when I remember. Paul seemed like such a sweet man.