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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

TOLD YA,Drugs are bad ...


Friday, May 16, 2014

She's just as BAD....

As you no doubt know.
Khole Kardashian, will tell anyone & everyone.
About her soon to be ex Hubby's Lamar Odom's drugs problem.
But she's just as bad.
Which makes her a 
But not to worry all will be revealed,
 in the divorce court.


Anonymous said...

Careful Rob - you could be next!

T. W. said...

I pray Lamar pulls through. He does not have a will, which means Kourtney will inherit his estate. This leaves his children with nothing.

Anonymous said...

She wouldn't leave his children with nothing would she? Hope he pulls through.

Anonymous said...

You mean she is also a drug addict when you say she's just as bad?? Also, do you think he will make it. I feel sad for him, prayers sent his way .

Anonymous said...

My feeling is that he isn't going to make it. He's in pretty bad shape. I hope that I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

I thought their divorce was finalized earlier this year. I don't think Khloe would take his kids inheritance.

Anonymous said...

Getting involved with this family is like signing a pact with the devil.

NicQuerica said...

All these bitches know how to do is chew a man up and spit him out. Lamar Odom was doing just fine until he married into this family. Christian, the reports are saying he's in real.bad shape, has every drug imaginable in his system and has a 50/50 chance of survival. Will he make it?

Loveisall said...

This is sad. I've prayed it's just sad that he put himself in such a horrible way. He's a talented ball player.

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for Lamar his kids and their mother. He was fine to he met these blood sucker. she said he was stalking played all kind of shit against him and his best friend. Who is now dead, I hope he lives to expose them.

Anonymous said...

I got he lives, and if there's divorce court that means Lamar finally gets rid off her . Kris Humphries parents were strong so was Kris, even he said a lucky escape from that lot. He earns more than he did with them and has his life back.

Anonymous said...

There have been many, many blind items about Khloe the Kokehead. Kris must have spent a fortune to keep it out of the tabloids because their divorce is practically done and it never made a splash.

Erika Byrne said...

I think I must be completely silly because I thought that Khloe really loved Lamar and just wanted the best for him.....wow....I also didn't think she was a drug user either! Wow. So sad

Anonymous said...

Lets all pray for Lamar! We love him