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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A fork in the road !

16yr old Brooklyn Beckham, 
he of the Beckham clan.
Seen here working work.
He's in great danger, 
of getting involved with the wrong set.
Let's hope his Mums as strict as she looks.
But I doubt it, sadly.


T. W. said...

Poor kid. Do any of these celebrities properly parent?

Anonymous said...

Well he's not model material as his parents have led him to believe he may get a little disheartened but he has other choices but I don't if he been geared to use talent or brains. Good or bad parents exist regardless of celebrity.

Anonymous said...

What about for Charlie Sheen, seems he's given up rather than take action and grow up. Cocaine/crack makes a lot of people swing now all his business is out in the open which is unfair as people trade off his celebrity. Magic Johnson was totally different and none his partners/affairs wanted to go public. Twenty year later he is still alive and probably reached out to Sheen. He is not alone people play Russian roulette with their bodies through sex and drugs.

Sarah said...

Cd, will there be a King Charles soon? QE II is trying to live forever but can't in reality. I think the classiest thing he could do is to tell everyone he doesn't want it or need it and pass it to William.

Anonymous said...

Shame that Brooklyn is being treated like a celebrity when in fact he is a school kid. He hasn't earnt his celebrity status by any means. He thinks he is all that. Shame, because they seem to be a nice family, manners etc. but they have ruined this kid, exposing him to too much and getting modelling work because of who he is. I agree that he is gonna fall, and it aint gonna be pretty

Anonymous said...

Bruce is a joke and a fetish addicted, hormoned out perverted, money grabbing, fraudulent drag queen!

He is an insult to LGBT community and all other men women children everywhere

Bruce Jenner is the Cancer of society & family values.

Bruce now puts his wallet in his purse just like he tucks his KFC drumstick under his skirt.

Bruce Jenner & Ryan Seacrest fraud fraud fraud!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe that hateful comment actually got through.

Anonymous said...

Bruce or Jenner can be gay, lesbian and straight given his mechanics and choice or preference. He can go either way he's a closet freak but not anymore. He can speak his story but people aren't buying it there's still issues within him that he needs to free up to be Cait and finally take the chop. The chop is never going to happen and he won't take hormones so his voice is a man and genitalia but he uses the ladies. The third gender and toliet is on the way.

Anonymous said...

Another told ya Charlie Sheen!

Anonymous said...

This will be sad If he does get hooked on steroids, party drugs, fame and the wrong crowd (especially at his age when he's still growing). Look what happened to Justin Bieber. The only good that could come from this is that his siblings hopefully will learn from his mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn looks very ordinary, why would you want him to be a celebrity, he not going to like being laugh at.

Anonymous said...

Hey cd, do you see Charlie going broke after this announcement? Everyone wants a piece of him, as to say....

Anonymous said...

How is the truth so hateful to you??

Anonymous said...

How is the TRUTH so hateful to you