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Monday, November 2, 2015

A Friend of Mine ,,,

Coming this month.
Is where you can by the amazing art,
of a friend of mine.
Make sure you grab it quick.
As it will will fly off the shelves.
Then become very expense.
A great investment.


T. W. said...

Thank you for telling us about it. My mom talked me out of going to art school, so I speak blessings over your friend.

Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff!

NicQuerica said...

I love art. This is good stuff!! I like the Madonna pic and the "God Save the Future Queen" one.

Norah Black said...

I love the Madonna one. God that girl had a body on her....

Anonymous said...

Is this show in London? Can you buy on line if you don't live in the uk

Anonymous said...

The eye pic resembles your pretty blue eyes?? is it your eye? Too Cool CD!!

Anonymous said...

TW, let the Yanni R.I.P...

T. W. said...

I worked hard on that, dwh. I will work on something else.

Anonymous said...

'Bout time

Unknown said...

Hello Christian & crew - long time reader, first time poster.
I checked out the art & there's a fair amount of illuminati symbolism (all seeing eye) celebrity/fashion worship that rubbed me the wrong way. Just wondering about your take on that Christian?

T. W. said...

Eye see you pointed that out in public. Nice knowing you.

Erika Byrne said...

Best of luck and blessings to your friend CD.

Much success for him.