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Friday, November 20, 2015

Dr Nuts and the Nutter ..

Only in Hollywierd.

Janet Dickinson is to marry,

psychiatrist Dr. Robert “Rocky” Gerner.

WTF ......

This isn't going to work for sure.

Mind you at least he is a "Trick Cyclist".


T. W. said...

I don't know who to feel sorry for.

Anonymous said...

Does he have any money? That is all she needs.

Anonymous said...

What is a trick cyclist ?....

Maria said...

I'm watching this show and I love Dr. Jenn. I feel so bad for Rocky and was hoping they'd learn enough to grow and make it together. I'm sad it may not happen. Janice is a hot mess. I feel bad for her because she is resistant to growing and healing even when it's given to her on a plate by working with Dr. Jenn.

But what is a trick cyclist?

Anonymous said...

Oh they are both shysters.

Sana Laajab said...

Don't feel sorry for any of them. They're getting what they deserve

jane uk said...

Yes what is a trick cyclist? Not up to date, geting old.

Alyssa Johnson said...

Trick Cyclist means he's a "head shrink" or psychiatrist. I suppose Christian added that little tidbit in there because with this being his profession, he can probably handle her "crazy" and be able to get away

Anonymous said...

Look it up. I'm sure you have the internet.

Anonymous said...

She is a mess. Hopefully she is clean and doesn't go back to drugs/alcohol.

Anonymous said...

A shrink would know better than to marry crazy.

T. W. said...

He underwent plastic surgery that she paid for. What does that say about him?