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In Addition ......

In regards to the Horrors of Paris.
Plus the 2014/5 prediction.
Becoming a  sad "Told Ya".
I have a question for you all.
I do have " Other" feelings of what is next.
Do you feel that I should or shouldn't post them.
I feel that there at least two more attacks in France before years end.
I sense that one of these hours will be under the very nose of those watching.
London will not escape this bedlam.
(As mentioned in the 2015 New Year predictions)
I do feel other places in the UK will also be hit.
But a couple of the UK attacks will be stopped.
Hamburg is also going to feel,
 the hand of these monsters.
Then I feel the top of the bill as they say.
Will be the USA.
I sense that the main aim for their terror.
Is the New Year celebrations.
But I sense that the powers that be will get this one, or at least the bulk.
This is one of those predictions,
 I pray is completely wrong.

I sense that most if not all of the coming attacks are planned to happen.
Between now and Feb 14th 2016.
Or should I say at least this round of destruction.
Regarding London the tube system and Westminster is their target.
As well as somewhere south of the river that I can't see.
I do feel that they are looking at the Thames Barrier and are still looking at this.
The other really bad feeling surrounds,
 Trafalgar Sq, New Years?
The plans for Germany,
 seem to be all over the place at the moment.
Manchester should take great care too.
As well as Leeds, all in the UK.
They are also in the throws of more airliners.
They are close to something terrible.
But I feel that most of this will be stopped,
 at the last minute.
But not completely.
Vancouver Canada also needs to upgrade it's security, as they are already there and ready to go.
Turkey Day as they call it in the USA is well on their hit list.
This I feel could be more along the line.
Of "Lone Wolf" type attacks.
Turkey the country needs to brace itself.
As these morons have a lot planned for their cities.
Once again with all my soul I pray that these predictions, 
are wrong.


cecilia bryant said…
I think the more we allow this information to come to light, the more we can help. We all need to do our part.
Anonymous said…
The terrorists want us to be sad, scared, miserable and depressed. The best thing we can do for the people of Paris is to send them as much heart filled love as possible. The last thing the terrorists want us to feel is love. It's like dealing with bullies - they want you to crumble. They feed on other peoples' misery. Let's stop being a food source for the terrorists. Send pink and white love filled light to France and all of Europe.
Anonymous said…
Thank you. I'm grateful, I'll be vigilant. LH, London.
nico123 said…
Is Disneyland the target for US on Thanksgiving?
Sarah said…
Thank you, CD
Anonymous said…
What about the target locations in USA CD? thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
As sad as this information is,I am a 'want to know' type of person. Thank you for sharing what you 'see'. It makes me cry for all of the useless deaths and the scaring of our children.
I wish the media could step back a bit; one reporter pointed to, and mentioned the 'blood and pieces of flesh' still lying on the ground.
May God rest the souls of those who have died and comfort their families.
Kristy said…
While this isn't great news thank you for sharing! Those of us who believe can be on guard and spread the news.
Anonymous said…
Thanks CD. You have saved lives with this advice!

Anonymous said…
LA seems to come up for some reason I hope they stop it but the refugee crisis seemed to open the door not that they are to blame. But there were more men than women and the refusal to stay in certain countries seemed odd to many. I wish we would all just stop this senseless fight, there has to be a way to end all of this. France has launched an attack on Syria from the news today but is that really going to stop them, No! The governments need to stop the games being played among them all.
Anonymous said…
pink and white light to the world
Erika Byrne said…

CD. You must look at this as a heavy burden however you would know you were given this gift to serve humanity and realise that in speaking this truth your call to service is being completed. Thank you for being brave and showing such courage. In God we will trust and in the light of spirit we will find our way together. Stay strong and safe. May God walk beside us all and show us the light. God Bless CD. God Bless Friends. In Jesus name all things are possible xx
Anonymous said…
Paraphrasing what I read, I believe France said they knew something was going to happen and they had their watch on the larger tourists spots, which is why this "slipped" through their hands, sadly. I AM NOT BLAMING THEM. I know it's hard to catch these assholes no matter what tactics they take. Do you think most of these attacks are like this? Plan at the big spots but actually go forth at the "smaller" ones?

This is sad, scary and breaks my heart.
Laurie Starr said…
Well Done CD.....You have done all you can. God Bless you Now the world has to listen. I will pray they do.
Thankyou so much Xxxx ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Rachel Bow said…
Stay away from times square

Anonymous said…
If Hilary gets in she will want to show off her might with Bill in her ear. I hope they don't these people don't need armies and when you go to attack them they won't stop unless the command is given. Notice the united emirates are silent. The root of this issue goes deeper and the secret talks and trades that governments made. I pray that some how these attempts are stopped in time.
Anonymous said…
They are also going after former high ranking people some of whom caused the strife in their homelands. I hope our prayers block it there's is something about our humanity and awakening in all of this.

May we be protected and our loved ones too.

Maria said…
Ditto Laurie. Thank you, CD.

This is so awful but who is really shocked at this point. This war has nothing to do with religion: these are killers who want to kill and are using religion as their reason. But it's blood thirst they have inside their souls. There is no changing them. I have no answers.
Anonymous said…
Can you possibly predict where and when in Vancouver we could get the attacks?
Anonymous said…
Should we stock up on food, water, and ammo?

If so, please let us know so we can be prepared. Hopefully not ammo, but if it is needed, I would like to have it.

If you can be a bit more specific about where in the States, it would help.

Hopefully not nuclear?

Please let us know where in the States so, if possible, we can be prepared to help our neighbors and not just ourselves.

Love and Light,

Anonymous said…
Thank you Christian. I have just been informed that my brother is going to the England vs France football match at Wembley Stadium this week. Will he be safe to go as he will be using the Rail system. I have also found out that he plans to go to London for New Year. I am now going to show him your prediction in the hope he will make other plans. God Bless you Christian. xxxx
Anonymous said…

So true, Anon 2:02. Thank you, Christian for sharing your pure and true gift with the world!
T. W. said…
Thank you Christian for using your gifts for good. Friends, remember good always wins over evil. Let us change the world by first changing ourselves. Let us send out positive energy and prayers.
cecilia bryant said…
I think I understand what you meant when you didn't want to share some of the stuff you saw in images. I don't want to say this either but if people aren't warned innocent lives will be lost. I read somewhere they would go so far as to hurt our little ones, our future. Is it true?
Anonymous said…
This is a question which I can't answer. Why does ISIS hate? What is their rationalization for doing these things?

Christian Dion said…
They don't hate "US" they hate everything including themselves, hence the mass destruction. This isn't about any religion. It is about control, just like Hitler was, he was defeated, so will they be. CD
Carmen Reilly said…
It is the power of evil working through these people. They are vessels.
Carmen Reilly said…
Thank you so much for doing this, CD! Much appreciated. I hope you try not to worry and find time for relaxation for yourself!!
T. W. said…

DListed is reporting Charlie Sheen will make a personal announcement on the Today Show tomorrow. It is alleged he will announce he is HIV positive.
Anonymous said…
F Charlie sheen I'm worried about Isis and wish I could get a gun and shoot their sorry asses off face of the earth.
Anonymous said…
Well we all need to keep our guards up and pray for everyone in the world that will be impacted by this.

T.W. That is interesting about Charlie Sheen. I read that in one of the tabloids not too long ago. I assume he either got it from sharing needles or from sex with porn stars. Either way it's terrible news for him and his family, but there are much better treatments for HIV than in the 80's.

T. W. said…
I understand. I posted the comment because some people wondered about this.

As far as ISIS, the governor of my state is calling for Syrian refugees to be banned from entering NC.
T. W. said…
The Charlie Sheen rumor has been around for years and I believe it. Charlie will be live on the today show tomorrow morning. I hope it is before 8:30 because I have to be somewhere tomorrow morning.

As for ISIS, it is my feeling they will strike America soon.
Anonymous said…
Not sure if this is true but they are saying if the Federal Gov't allows refugees, the states cannot ban them. I am from IL and the Governor also banned them today but took a huge number in 2014. The state of IL is terrible, so I hope the poor refugees find a better place to go. We are filled with corruption and our leaders typically go to jail. It would be great if the US could find refugees places where they could have support (jobs, homes, security) and a community close to their own land. I pray for them. It is evil not the refugees causing this pain. ISIS needs to be taken down. Doesn't matter by who, but it needs to be done ASAP.
Anonymous said…
Yes, CD thanks for sharing, i am also in a state where the rufugees were rejected. Illinois. Hope all is ok here.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing and wonderful insight and gifts with us. I pray you are wrong as well. Maybe someone will stop them before they even start. My friend told me about you, and she kept raving about how great, funny and so wonderful you are. I didn't really believe in psychic's until a while ago. You are definitely the real deal CD. Oh yeah I think you have another Told ya about Rob and Twigs soon ;)
I do hope u are wrong for once because we have a enough I'm from England London and I'll be at the game tonight but everything else u have said has come true CD off topic here but I do hope we will get I told ya so about Rob and Twigs because it's gone on long enough for Rob??? Thanks
Anonymous said…
It is such a crying shame .That refugees are being rejected.Not their fault. They already suffered more then enough.Where is the love .
Anonymous said…
They just said on the news that a soccer stadium in Hanover, Germany is being evacuated and they have cancelled the game. Additionally, a British Airways plane had to make an emergency landing after a passenger attempted to access the cockpit. He was restrained.
Anonymous said…
to the @R fan all the way never believe BS,I have a one question for you.Are you from this site called Haters Know Nothing?If you are then I remind you that Christian Dion said that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were in PR relationship.So they for sure are not secretly married.
Lmo said…
Very true... Unfair world!!
Anonymous said…
Please, lets get the information about safety to those who need it instead of fake relationships and fake concernrns. Lets get real People!
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much.
Norah Black said…
There are a LOT more crooked states than IL, in fact, IL is not even on the top 20 most corrupt states. Look first at all those red states down south, why do you think they always got all the goodies and the all the military bases when some states only have one or two. Here's a few examples: LA, NC, MS, GA, TX, MI, WI, S.C., FL, KY, etc... I believe LA is the worst state
Lol I get what your saying and no I'm just a rob fan not any other like HKN and I know what CD had said k fans they are crazy to believe that and the two babies and it was all PR lmao but all I need to know is when it's all going to end with RT and I do check in on this site when I can but the go go gala pics it just seems like a PR show thanks:)
CD I just hope this is over soon because their was an other booming and a shoot out again today in Paris it's just getting worse and worse every day
Anonymous said…
I'll never understand the hatred from ISIS. No compassion for others. How can a person terrorize another and then shoot them? Where is their heart?

There are crimes that people can understand, but not terror, murder or pedophilla.


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