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Thursday, November 19, 2015

P.R. In overdrive madness ..

So Nick Jonas needs to hire another PR team.
His current ones are nuts, 
 for that profession.
Seems that.
#1 There are trying to make the World believe that he is dating Jade Thirlwell, from "Little Mix"
#2 They have him dye his hair blue.
(Good job he's not Russian Ha Ha)
Sounds like a deleted scene from Zoolander....


T. W. said...

Nick is talented. It is a shame his current team is having him go along with this.

Anonymous said...

The Jonas Brothers used to live in a town in Texas, near my home town. These brothers are strange….. I am curious as to which one will come out. Which will be good & a positive thing and that they do not have to have beard "Gf's" and be true to themselves. The oldest brother that is married with a baby, they say his wife had a surrogate and she faked her pregnancy…. did she fake it?
Thanks CD! Peace & Blessings!

CyndiTx123 said...

I did read that the oldest had hired a surrogate to have their baby, but why would they lie about it? Who knows, just happy that the baby is healthy and happy!

Anonymous said...

Demi ... Jump ship now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cyndi... Da eldest is allergic to vagina. He is vagophobic

Alice said...

That is Joe Jonas with the blue hair, not Nick .....

T. W. said...

I stand corrected. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Too funny sometimes it's hard to tell them apart with sunglasses on. Shows how boring they are but Nick is a talented writer. But their personalities are flat.

Sana Laajab said...

Hey, CD its good thing then Im immigrating to Canada instead.
Still be writing my novels ;)

Cannot understand whats so "special" about this Jonas.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's not Nick with the blue hair..

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Nick to be free of his beards. He'll have so much support when he's out.