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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


So as Donald "Babyfart" Trump.
Continues to lead the GOP moron competition.
He's now really showing his "Racist" tendencies.
Who Knew ??
Well, as he continues this awful behavior.
There are people loading their guns.
He better be able to duck.


Anonymous said...

Wow oh dear he speaks hatred now no one is laughing just watching in disbelief.

Anonymous said...

He hates everyone, looks like america can finally agree on something. !

Anonymous said...

They dislike him too!

T. W. said...

You are right. Everyone is sick of him.

cecilia bryant said...

A show. Just a show. I wait for the day when that toupee of his gets fed up with his crap, packs its briefcase, and walks away.

Anonymous said...

He thinks his hair is bulletproof... The voice of reason is often drowned out by fools. Speaking of fools and racists, will Greta get what's coming to her CD, and soon?

Anonymous said...


And I agree.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh- watching the news when he was speaking in of all places Alabama and and someone from the crowd was speaking from Black Lives Matter…. The faces of the white men standing around this poor guy getting beaten, etc. It was horrific… Where has this humanity come to? To me it felt like the KKK was all in the crowd….. So sad for all the racist bigots and pigs out there. Can't we all just get along with there is no hatred or fear against color, religion, the handicap…. This country was based on immigrants… Just don't get it! Prayers for the U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:03, The Donald said the next day that the black guy deserved it.
DTs grandfather was a german immigrant! Last name "Drumpf". So he is really Donald Drumpf!!! Wikipedia is washed clean of this. He probably has someone take it out as soon as it's put back in.

Anonymous said...

The country was based on immigrants, but we have always had screening policies so that we don't allow communicable diseases, too many professions of a singular nature so that we didn't overload the system and take jobs from existing citizens (this was needed early in our nation building), criminals, and your normal every day disgruntled degenerate.

These screenings are in place so that we don't overload our schools, our, hospitals, our job markets and economy, and our already condensed populations of certain ethnicity ( a fact, get over it). Most people choose to overlook the fact that we have had this in place for a century and it was done so for the security of our nation - National Defense people, National Defense. Are we a humanitarian nation? Yes!! Do we do so at our own peril??? Apparently, when we have a porous border and overload our systems as described above because the Dems want a built in voting block. What is coming across our southern border?? Good guys, and very, very, bad guys. The good guys are overloading some of our systems, have been for years. Did you ever wonder why our students hit the skids on national scoring and fell a butt load of places in national ranking? It's because we overloaded our system with non English speaking students and we have been playing catch up ever since. Will those students go on to be productive people?? More than likely, but many came across the border as gang affiliated and brought the violence and the drugs with them. Did we already have this problem before they arrived? Yes, but if our border was not porous we could significantly cut down on this type of entry, illegal or otherwise.
So to say that we are a nation of immigrants is way, way, too simplistic and your head is firmly planted in the ground if you think that our screenings are based on hate and bias. It seems to speak to your own agenda, or one that the media, White House, and education system is handing to you on a silver platter in order to control your vote and to maintain power.

Once again - It Is National Security
That is THE main job of a president, AND HE IS FAILING MISERABLY
And let's be clear on something else - Valerie Jarrett is the Defacto President. Obama just holds her purse. That is why he so often sounds like a hurt little boy. His "popping off" comment alone speaks to his thin skin and how he has to always be divisive and strike back with name calling and mocking. Really, that is the way our President behaves when a mass murder took place on foreign soil and nations are looking to him for leadership??!! He chooses THAT moment to be I Just Want My Mama Obama??!!! Damn him and his Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me. People are dying and will continue to do so because we can't name and shame our threat, the most significant threat in our life time. Get thee gone and let people with balls take the lead. His are hiding in Valerie Jarrets purse.

Anonymous said...

It is by design that people under the age of say, thirty can only spout party line. Gone are the days of critical thinking, that is viewed as hate speach. The Sal Alinsky model is alive and booming in this administration. It is used at every opportune moment and it is used in order to re-social engineer our nation and to HOLD POWER AT ALL COST. The administration is built on a fluid divide and conquer aspect, and so far it has worked pretty well for this guy - Until our national defense is on the board. All his glaring biases and moral dilemmas are on display and he can't take the spotlight, and he damn well can't take the lead in keeping us safe. We under fund our military defense, we ham string them with rules of engagement, then he uses that in his Pity Party of one to cry crocodile tears. Where was he when the Syrian children were crying three years ago?? They crossed the "red line", they were gassing their own population and he did nothing. So he can't have crocodile tears now after he sent thousands of our men and women to war with only the ability for "conainment" and not the ability to put down and crush. And he lied about the containment, so there you go.

neils rosenbeck said...

I'm done.. did you give my e-mail to linked in?Guess it just goes with how things are.Yes I got a request from you on linked in! last night I saw a plane about to crash..I was praying they would make it..for sure it was a goner..but low and was a Chinese fighter jet that landed on U.S. prove a point..that they can come and go at will.A heads up about our predictions..we view the multiverse..not everything will happen on our time line but on some ones time line..yes pretty hard to pin point that one.I feel we are on a turning point it wont go well for the U.S. we are where some one or ones want it.Will not go as expected.You will need new skills as things are about to radically change.Wish you well .Do not post..not a good Idea

Anonymous said...

So if I can be indulged one last time.

Is it your fault you have been fed the party line since the age of at least five? No, but don't make it so easy. Read a book off the proverbial list. One with a counterpoint. Become a critical thinker, not a voting block.
Why do the politicians run to SNL, Kimmel, Fallon and the like. To get back control and shore up the base by feeding you their thoughts. Social media has been co-opted and corrupted by them.
Hill and Bill are pathological liars, as are many of our politicians. (Read a book on these two and your eyes will pop out). They are only about greed and power because they feel a void and they need control. Hill was promised the White House when she went after Bill's sexual victims like a scourge and she burned them to the ground. I despise her for what she did to them. She has no soul.

The Kennedy's are a debauched family by any account. Would I vote for them again? No, sir. Will I vote for Jeb? No, sir, No More Dynasties. Do I want to vote for Trump? Not on your life, and please don't make me decide between him or Hillary, that is just plain abhorrent. Do some critical thinking.

Back to critical thinking - even Bill Mahr, he of the lock step thinking and stacked knee jerk audience, posed some critical thinking in light of the ISIS threat and his audience did not know what to do, nor did his guests. It is normal to be liberal in thinking when the threat is not at your door, but if you can't have common sense thinking when there is a real threat then God be with you.

And enough with the revisionist history. Yeah, the confederate flag should have been gone long ago but this taking away anything to do with the founding fathers because you don't like them and what they we a part of in their time (perhaps that is being simplistic on my part, admittedly). Well, let's kick that can down the road. I deem anything with the Kennedy's on it be renamed and all statues of them be taken down. I think that any street or holiday named after Martin Luther King should be revised because he was an adulterer, was purported to being a druggie, and just that offends me. I could go on and on but I think the last one probably made my point.

Christian Dion said...

I don't give email addresses to ANYONE CD

Anonymous said...

I got one of those as well CD and it was kinda fishy.

T. W. said...

LinkedIn goes through your address book in your email and sends out invites. I am on LinkedIn but I don't really use it.

Anonymous said...

Yes it does, which is why I deleted my account. Might be a virus too, so changing the password is probably the best.

T. W. said...


Anonymous said...

Does trump have a point about Obama being born on foreign soil!! I did read up about it and there seems to be a sort of cloak and dagger thing about it!! Obama had written a book a while back and had listed his place of birth as Indonesia! Only found this by Googling!! Is this true Christian??

Maria said...

Wow. That would be quite the irony for someone who stirs up so much violent energy and thought. I just finished reading how he was mocking a disabled reporter. He is just a vile pig. I cannot wait to see his humiliation when he is forced out of the race.

Anonymous said...

" When doew Hillery go to jail?" If where're to use the same sliding scope as the past bush years, she would be jailed already. so when does she go to the pokie?