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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Silly Nag ...

Kendall Jenner, in repose.
I do hope they gave the horse some antibiotics.


Loveisall said...

Omg. Wth?!!!

CyndiTx123 said...

Poor horse!! I needed a good giggle!! hahahaha!! I wonder if she will be the one going to the "nick" ….but her little sis Kylie seems to be a little bit of a nutter!! OH Well- Have a "Bee's Knees" kind of Sunday CD!! ( yes, took time out to send some british slang your way :) )

T. W. said...

I feel sorry for the horse. Now they will have to put it down.

Sana Laajab said...

hahaha. good one CD ;D

Anonymous said...

Silly me; I thought Kendall would be different among her family.

Anonymous said...

You can tell she got a jump start in the game as noted by her hands, any model of note would not have claw- like hands in this photo shoot, they would have been artfully and gracefully spread and relaxed. She still has a LONG way to go before she actually earns the attention she is getting.

Anonymous said...

This is not Kendall. It's someone else's picture she posted on her twitter account.

Noneofyourbusiness said...

That's not Kendall honey... That's the model Kendall tagged in the post...

Noneofyourbusiness said...

That's not Kendall though.

Christian Dion said...

Not the point that her, it just goes to show they will do anything to get PR CD

Anonymous said...

It looks awful and she seems scared. Yep anything to maintain the life now everyone sees them as trash.The truth is coming out about them.

Anonymous said...

None of them look happy.All come across like trash.

jan said...

Nope! Its not Kendall! That's for sure!

jan said...

Nope! Its not Kendall! That's for sure!

Maria said...

It could have been worse. It could have been Kim on the horse! LOL