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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Something to look forward to ?

In the spring of 2016.
My favorite Lesbian,
 Justin " Show Em" Bieber.
Will be touring.
Well don't hold your breath, 
or in his case anything else.
If it gets underway it'll be a miracle.
But it won't finish.


Anonymous said...

He seriously needs to grow up. It'll have to be a life changing event that makes him wake up.

Develyn Quinn said...

Drugs. He spoke of being in a weird place perhaps its needed for him to become the person he's meant to be, best of luck to all of us. Can't be easy even if he makes those choices xoxo

T. W. said...

This is good news.

Anonymous said...

Sad they kill their careers fast nowadays.

Norah Black said...

What's going on with him?

NicQuerica said...

This guy's an asshole. He'll probably either not show up to start the tour or quit midway bcuz his work ethic is going to shit. In the entertainment world, fans are fickle. You can be on top one day and forgotten about the next day. I predict this for Beiber. By 2018 his own present day fans will vaguely remember him. "Justin who"?

Anonymous said...

Any bets on how many cities he makes it to before the little douchenozzle throws a tantrum and stomps off stage or gets arrest for doing something really stupid?

Anonymous said...

He hasn't listened to the people that have genuinely tried to help him. The few that are around him now will disappear once the money's gone.

Anonymous said...

Afterwards, Will he disappear into the middle east, like you predicted?

Artur said...

LOVE him. He just delivered possibly the album of the year and has completely rebranded himself. What a comeback.

I just hope he makes it to my concert date. :)

Anonymous said...

Now he's claiming he's suffering from depression. Bozo, PLEASE. It's his fricking PR team throwong yet another piece of spaghetti at the wall tp see if it'll stick in the neverending quest to rehab his image, using whatever new BS they can come up with.

Loveisall said...

Christian may I ask to please be added to your next healing list? Me and my family? Thank you very much x

Anonymous said...

I really did not need to see that, Christian!

Anonymous said...

Too much too young, his mum and dad not grown up themselves. Some point we all grown up whether we want to or not.

. said...

Will he win the chart battle against 1D? Or will they win? Are they also disbanding during the now extended two year break?

Anonymous said...

CD was wrong about Rob&twig? It's staying till next year now

Anonymous said...

If actions are speaking louder than words, I feel it's almost over (but idk).

Anonymous said...

I just see even top magazines and charity events saying fiancé and not that it means it true but it's made everyone think they are "in love" again. Would be weird to have the break up now after that "love fest" at GOcharity the other night. Cd did say end of the year though. Just seems unlikely now.

Anonymous said...

Fully understanding how PR works, it'll be over sooner than later.