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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Told Ya El Papas money woes

Monday, December 8, 2014

2015 Predictions

2015 Predictions 
Composed between 
Nov 14th  noon & Dec 1st 7pm 2014
In Hermosa Beach Ca, USA.
 Pope Scandals/Church
    I kind of feel sorry for this Pope. 
    As he tries to bring much needed change. 
    He's going to come up against the old guard Papal Wall. 
    Sad to say he won't be able to climb it.


T. W. said...

Money is their god.

Anonymous said...

To everyone, not just them.

T. W. said...

I do see your point. My comment was based on the article. Some of these priests want first class treatment all the way while they expect their parishioners to suffer.

Anonymous said...

This is totally off the subject… just saw on the Today SHow an part where they still haven't found out who JonBenet Ramsey…. Do you have an idea of who murdered this sweet angel? She would have been 25 year old. Her case is still unsolved.

Anonymous said...

Or you can say the dumb ass parishioners part with their money way too easy. Like the pastor who got his new jet.

T. W. said...

The Catholic Church has *taken* millions of dollars worth of gold, artwork, and relics. They don't hide this. Don't put all the blame on the parishioners.

As for Creflo Dollar, he has two congregations on the east coast. The day would be over if he flew commercial. He also has congregation and charities overseas and flies in the jet to come to them. Now imagine doing all this flying commercial. It can't be done. Other pastors such as Perry Stone have private jets but no one makes fun of them.

Christian Dion said...

I call our all hypocrites CD

T. W. said...

Thank you Christian. It just seemed like someone had a bone to pick with Christians.