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Friday, November 13, 2015

TOLD YA, Granted a year late, but GONE ...


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

There's even worse to come....

So called British monster murderer 
Jihadi John.
Has murdered yet again, 
he's going to get even worse.
However he should know,
That they have a couple bullets with his name engraved on them.
Which will be delivered,
nicely wrapped for Christmas.


T. W. said...

Well, you never said which Christmas. Please don't be hard on yourself.

Kristy said...

I agree with TW

Anonymous said...

He won't harm any others. They'll be gone one by one.

Anonymous said...

Nice one!! USA!!

Norah Black said...

I am not familiar with this person....may I ask who this is and what they've done. Clearly it's not good whatever he did. Hope he gets caught.

Anonymous said...

Norah google it.

He got killed good riddance to garbage

T. W. said...

I think he was one of the spokespersons for ISIS. I think he cut off some heads in videos. I also think he was identified mainly because of his accent. Also his eyes and eyebrows.