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UPDATE, In response to your replies, Thank You

In regards to the Horrors of Paris.
Plus the 2014/5 prediction.
Becoming a  sad "Told Ya".
I have a question for you all.
I do have " Other" feelings of what is next.
Do you feel that I should or shouldn't post them.
I feel that there at least two more attacks in France before years end.
I sense that one of these hours will be under the very nose of those watching.
London will not escape this bedlam.
(As mentioned in the 2015 New Year predictions)
I do feel other places in the UK will also be hit.
But a couple of the UK attacks will be stopped.
Hamburg is also going to feel,
 the hand of these monsters.
Then I feel the top of the bill as they say.
Will be the USA.
I sense that the main aim for their terror.
Is the New Year celebrations.
But I sense that the powers that be will get this one, or at least the bulk.
This is one of those predictions,
 I pray is completely wrong.


June said…
You leave me frozen. I'm praying your predictions are wrong this time, too. What's the point of so much pain and sorrow?
Christian Dion said…
I di feel sad too, I sense other attacks that will be gladly stopped so no point in putting those up.
But I also feel some too horrible to post, if I find the strength to post I will, but at the present just too much, I don't want to be accused as trying to stir up trouble or cause panic.
Kind of damned if I do damned If I don't CD
cecilia bryant said…
What can we do Christian? I'm about to go onto my accounts and warn people.
Anonymous said…
Oh CD, sending you more hugs and prayers. May the God's light shine upon you and may your Angels bring you comfort to cope with the images you see. Healing energy to all who are have sustained losses. Continued prayers that we may transcend these turbulent times and may peace reign upon the earth.
Anonymous said…
thank you for sharing CD, I'm sure we can all appreciate how difficult your position is and how hard it must be for you to decide how much to share and how much to keep to yourself.
Not to mention the weight of receiving this information in the first place.

Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for posting this Christian.
please continue to post on these evil doers.
I hope we the world get together and do something about this plan of ISIS to take over the world.
Blow them to kingdom come. We got rid of the Hitler and his ideology.
It's time to do something NOW!!!!!

Christian, thank you for all you do and the information you give us. I had a dream about the Paris attacks 12 hours before it happened. I posted it on my facebook and freaked some of my friends and family out as well as myself! I only mention that because YOU ,through my reading eariler this year, had told me to write down and devlop my psychic always feels weird when it actually comes true... but I re-read that email reading often because it gives me strength to continue to develop and understand my psychic gift, it makes me smile and feel united and not weird! Lol So thank you for being a spiritual teacher in that way for me. I can imagine how difficult it is for you when yours come true all the time! We need you, especially during dark times.. Sending you hugs and love and light and strength your way! <3
Anonymous said…
Thanks CD for the warnings. Do you know where in the USA? I live in manhattan so im especially concerned...
Anonymous said…
CD, Thank you in finding the strength to post of what you saw of whats to come. This has to be hard on you, but please know we pray for your wellness. God Bless !!
T. W. said…
We thank you for these warnings. You are right to keep some things to yourself. I hope the intelligence agencies take you seriously. My sister and I feel a New Year's attack as well. Someone somewhere can stop this. I will continue to pray for world peace and health and healing to you.
Laurie Starr said…
Thank you Christian for your predictions.Sad as it is, the power figures should take note. People like you try to give warning with pure intentions . It's time I believe they should listen . I follow you on fb and I find you most informited . Thankyou for your gift. ♡♡♡
Laurie Starr said…
Thank you Christian for your predictions.Sad as it is, the power figures should take note. People like you try to give warning with pure intentions . It's time I believe they should listen . I follow you on fb and I find you most informited . Thankyou for your gift. ♡♡♡
Anonymous said…
When do you feel the London and the UK attacks will take place? My pregnant daughter is going to London on the 21st .. what other UK cities? Manchester, Liverpool Birmingham, Nottingham Leicester? I recall you mentioned Scotland too?

What is the aftermath of these attacks going to be like within these countries? How are the governments of the countries that are attacked going to respond? Will borders be closed, immigrants sent back?

If you are getting visions of attacks, please post their locations and if you can a time frame, forewarned is forearmed. You never know who might be reading this blog and could stop them.
Jules Carter said…
CD thank you, I pray for your peace of mind. I know seeing these images has to be difficult.
cecilia bryant said…
Christian, I posted what you said on Facebook. I know people will be asking me how do I know (I didn't tell them it was you.) Should I just tell them this is a message from the beyond?
Carmen Reilly said…
Thank you CD.
We can say the inner no to unwanted events.
I pray this will stop these events and that evidence comes to light that CD was right but the events don't actually happen as they're stopped before they have a chance to unfold.
Also we can ask invisible help to make people more aware and observant so as to stop these events already in the planning process and to help people gain the strength to report any suspicious activity
People probably see but they don't see because it's right in front of them

Thank you CD!!!!
Thank you!! Thank you!!!!!!

Michelle Albo said…
Thank you for posting
I know it hasn't been easy
I was wondering if see ISIS is going to be attacking Canada and other metropolis city?
Anonymous said…
Thank you CD. I sure hope that the World leaders have finally got it into their thick heads that these terrorists are not going away. They are only going to get more dangerous. I pray every day that these leaders get it together before something even more horrific happens. It always seems to take something like that to get the attention of world leaders to get off their bums and do something about it. Thank you for these posts. No doubt it can/will save lives. Blessings to you.
Anonymous said…
Did you get the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as a target that was detected prior to it being completed? When I read the news story that these murderers claim that they have cells here in the US, I saw the parade as a target, but I did not see any actual attack coming to completion. Just curious.
cecilia bryant said…
Christian I don't even know how you do it. How do you deal with the backlash? How do you approach the FBI with this information?
Anonymous said…
You might as well post then.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, the more we know, more we can prepare, take precautions as you can save a life or lives. Thanks for the update!
Anonymous said…
Hello everyone,
perhaps the best way to ease uncertainty about the "future" is to help by praying for peace and sending out positivity now, consciously contribute positive energies continually, every day and don't feed your power of thought into terror everything you can to discipline your minds to look for God, and keep your focus on God, as God is everywhere. Offer prayers and positive energy in the face of terror, you have nothing to loose and we would all be served by praying for each other rather than seeking to negate others and innocent living beings
Anonymous said…
CD--have a good meal with happy friends. Laugh a lot and have your favorite foods. Binge watch some TV. Go out and leave the computer behind whenever you have a chance.

This has been a heart-heavy week for you. Best to shake some of it off.

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